1. anNiallation

    How To Draw God (Atheist Version)

    Both a tutorial and a comedy!
  2. Phil @ TubeBuddy

    Advertisement What is TubeBuddy and how can it help me on YouTube?

    Hey Gang, Phil from TubeBuddy here. You're probably seen our banners around the site before. We've spent the last 6 months building a really amazing tool for YouTubers that will save you time, get your videos discovered, help you connect with your audience and build your brand on YouTube. It's...
  3. fadder8

    Exposure compensation explained

  4. fadder8

    DSLR metering modes explained!

  5. Kush Patel

    Need Help with Audio Recording (Urgent)

    So me and a few friends have started a podcast more for the fun of it since we really enjoy what we are doing, but we need a good way to record the audio. So right now, we use discord since it has some of the best voice calling right now, and audacity to record. Problem is that by using audacity...
  6. Kyosah Nim Till

    Other Martial Arts Channel Collaboration!!

    Hi! I have a new YouTube channel and I´m looking for a collaboration with pretty much anyone ( best would be a Martial Artist) to help each other grow a solide base. Parts of my channel are: Showreels, Travel, Nutrition and a bit of Comedy. It would be awesome to produce a video together, or...
  7. CoreyPlays


    Alright everyone I am sick and tired of seeing these click bait videos about getting 100 subs in a week or in a day. I made a video down to the basics of how I was able to get my first 100 and how you can use these steps to get 200 and 300 so on so forth. I advise to get a pen and piece of paper...
  8. Deathmitsos

    About to start a Tutorial Series

    Sooo , hello everyone, and happy new year. Most of you might know me from the Services section where i have my intro shop in there. I have noticed that a lot of you are interested in creating your own graphics, edits etc. So i am about to start a tutorial series, but i need some ideas about it...
  9. Jawad Soomro

    Premiere Pro - SPLIT SCREEN EFFECT

    How do I make videos side by side in Premiere Pro? How to put picture in picture side by side? How to make split screen videos? Follow the tutorial to learn the coolest split screen effects using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.
  10. Baylze

    EVERYTHING You Need To Be a YouTube Gamer

    Hey guys, so I've seen and read through a whole lot of guides about how to get big on YouTube, how to manipulate the SEO system to funnel traffic your way, and things like that, but not one guide I've read on popular article outlets have been from the perspective of someone actually in the...
  11. JayPlays

    How to download videos from Youtube to Your Computer (Easy Way)

    Hey guys, here is a simple tutorial on how to download videos from Youtube to your computer!!
  12. JayPlays


    Hey guys! Hope you all okay! ive made this to share with some of you guys and well....to hopefully help you guys out! Basically, i have made a video describing what i use/used to start up a simple gaming youtube channel with a super low budget. 1. First, for my recording software, i use either...
  13. Jawad Soomro


    ADOBE PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL Intro sequence is the most popular technique of introducing the characters in the Soap operas. It is revised sometimes in the movies. So I decided to make a tutorial on this technique to make promotional ad of apartment.
  14. Tomba


    Read below for extra trick! Hey YTtalk! Sorry for the delay on this new Sony Vegas Tutorial, my cold was really bad in the morning and got better towards the evening. I hope you enjoyed this small but definitely awesome transition that a lot of YouTubers add to their videos. It will make your...
  15. Tomba


    Hey! This is a tutorial on how you can add a green screen in Sony Vegas 13 and 14. This is very useful to know if you plan on making videos for YouTube and such. I hope you learned something new in Sony Vegas, I just bought the new Sony Vegas 14 so I will start to use that so that people just...
  16. Tomba


    Tips & Tricks: Save your pan locations as a preset and you won't have to redo the same process each time you add a webcam or overlay in sony vegas! Thank you for watching your local banana! Stay awesome! -Tomba ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sub here...
  17. B

    Which category should I choose? (I am new)

    Hi! I am new on Youtube and I am looking for your help. I am planning to start a channel about Lego tutorials, teaching people how to build cartoon/ gaming characters or other interesting builds with Lego. Which category should I choose? Also, should I choose more one category for my different...
  18. Tomba


    I finally got this video out! I had to re-record this video three times and it got some mistakes but remember that I am in a learning process for all this. I hope I could help you learn something new if you have any questions ask away on this forum or on my video! Regards That refrigerator...
  19. Sophia Calate

    How I made my first 1000 subs - A mindset advice

    Hi everyone! First things first: Please excuse my English, there might be some errors as English is just my 2nd language. My name is Sophia, I'm 24 years old and I live close to Cologne, Germany. There are many good hints and tips on this Forum of how to get views, subs and so on, but most of...
  20. Jawad Soomro

    Create a 3D Earth in Photoshop | Photoshop Tutorial

    Follow the simple steps presented in the video to animate the Earth using timeline and Mesh presets. There are some limitations to this method. For 1 rotation, we need 1 image, so for 10 rotations, we need 10 images in series. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you.
  21. Porcupixel

    How to Record Gaming Videos (Tutorial)

    Here is a video where we teach the world how to make Let's Play/Gaming videos properly. We discuss things like mics, software, facecams, and much more.
  22. Porcupixel

    How to Record Gaming Videos (Tutorial)

    Here is a video where we teach the world how to make Let's Play/Gaming videos properly. We discuss things like mics, software, facecams, and much more.
  23. creationsbys

    How to Make a Cobra "Ripped Jeans" Paracord Survival Bracelet (DIY)

    Hi there! We like to connect things,especially when it comes to paracord. This time we are presenting our"Paracord Ripped Jeans Bracelet" Choose the color of your own,and the bracelet is unlimited source of creativity. Don't throw your old and ripper Yeans,because you can wear them in other way...
  24. Jawad Soomro

    After Effects - 3D CLOUDS TUTORIAL

    AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL We don't really need any quad-copter to shoot airplane footage when we have after effects. Enjoy the 3D clouds tutorial.
  25. creationsbys

    Make the Diamonds Paracord Bracelet-Adjustable Mad Max Style

    We love to work with Diamond knot,so this time presenting another version of Bracelet. Diamond Cobra with MadMax adjustable system. :) Creationsbys on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/creationby1/?fref=ts Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/creations_bys/ Pinterest...
  26. Eaglewolf Magic

    2 Simple Magic Trick Anyone Can Do!

    Hey guys! I appreciate you taking the time to checking out my tutorial :) I'm just wondering about the basic questions, Is it clear enough? Did you learn anything? Is there anything you see that you would like to improve? Thank you everybody on this forum, you've helped me out a TON...
  27. Jawad Soomro


    Photoshop Tutorial How to turn/transform someone into GHOST? Simple and Easy steps!