1. Pandun

    Request Pandun

    Looking for an intro an a outro an logo, want it to pretty energetic, including some form of panther logo, hopefully for branding at a later date. dont mind paying but quality has to spot on an not parting with any money untill completion. an would like a little more knowledge of graphic...
  2. D

    show me the way

    hi everyone im new to this youtube thing . some time ago i had a somewhat a nice little package of gear nikon D750 with an external rode mic and a used phamtom 3pro drone really nice one by the way , I had one problem , I was not patient and never took the time to plan the shots or do litle...
  3. nguwusic

    30k subs and 2.6M views !

    Hello everyone, coming up to news :) 6 months ago, I open my first thread here for celebrating 20k. Little did I know that I hit 30k this morning Well, even if I saw a drop in statistics during the exam period in June, the growth was steady. Here's some numbers : - 10 subs in sept 2016 - 100...
  4. Ucanuke2017

    Meet Up/Gathering Any YouTubers in Chicago area?

    im a YouTube in the Chicago area looking to meet up and even collaborate with other YouTubers. I specifically teach music on my channel, “U CAN UKE” (80k+ subs), so any YouTubers that play or sing music would be a plus. But I’m here just to connect with other creators. Let’s meet!
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How to Verify Your YouTube Account

    How to Verify Your YouTube Account in 2018 // How to verify your YouTube Channel to enable video uploads longer than 15 minutes, YouTube Livestreams, Google hangouts, appeal community guideline strikes, content ID disputes, custom your thumbnails, custom channel URL and custom channel layouts...
  6. Shehzad

    My Overkill Audio Recording Setup For Youtube & Live Tutorial

    Bringing you an inside look at what an entry level audio recording setup looks like.
  7. MrYorkiesWorld

    How To Remove Noise From Audio In Audacity | Clean Up Audio Using Audacity

    Hi Guys, In this video, I'll show you how to remove noise from your audio recordings using Audacity. Audacity is a great free tool for editing and optimizing music and audio recordings from microphones. It allows you to improve voice quality, remove unwanted noise and record new audio all in...
  8. Diversified Unison

    How to play on your guitar!

    Hey guys here is the full tutorial for Only Exception by Paramore. I shared how they actually played and also shared how I played in our latest cover and changed the idea. Check it out!! :D
  9. MrYorkiesWorld

    Free Photoshop Alternatives | Best Free Photo Editing Software 2017

    Hey guys!, In this short video, I will show you some great FREE alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a fantastic photo editing tool, but the software costs quite a bit of money. It's handy to be able to use other, FREE ways to edit your photos without any hassle. Enjoy!
  10. Jawad Soomro


    Easy learning PrePro tutorial. How to speed up videos smoothly? Smooth acceleration? Here you go
  11. DBTech

    Would love some feedback

    I'm working on my production skill when it comes to making product review videos and would love to get some input from everyone here! I know there's a little bit of blurry footage in there, but I didn't have time to re-shoot it. Let me know what you think of the video and what I can improve...
  12. Violet

    Looking for YouTubers who does Educational Videos/Tutorials

    Hi, I'm Violet Yap from Singapore. I would like to collaborate with YouTubers who does any form of Educational Videos & Tutorials to allow me to place their YouTube links for free on my Online Tutorial Platform. It's a Singapore startup but I'm opening up to Global Educators. I would most...
  13. Bre

    Beginner Smokey Eye Tutorial

  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers - 10 Tips For Growing a YouTube Channel -

    10 Tips For Growing a YouTube Channel - How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers Getting 10K Subscribers on YouTube and getting more YouTube subs may seem impossible but all it requires is a little hard work, it can be done! This article will outline my tips and tricks for gaining YouTube...
  15. crusadershorts

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining?

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining? Hello! Recently I wrote a guide called "[Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process". Unfortunately, I cannot link it due to my member restrictions, but if you want an Extensive guide full of Tips on Scripting your videos then check...
  16. Jawad Soomro


    This tutorial is all about Speed ramping and time remapping. There is easier and faster method to control the speed of videos. Also called 'speed ramping'.
  17. Jawad Soomro


    Learn quicker and faster how to animate LYRICAL texts for Lyrical Videos. Learn to add effects on Text in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015. Learn Motion text effects (Rotation, Scaling, Opacity, Positioning etc).
  18. olimueller

    Art Tutorial plus Marvel fanart speedpainting too long?

    Hi i made my second voice over tutorial video about hoe to blend copic markers and added a marvel fanart speedpaint of doctor strange. My question is, is it plausible, sped up to fast or ok and understandable? Any thoughts and feedback are highly appreciated! Thank you.
  19. Nuber

    Other Anybody Up For A Good And Serious Collab?

    Hello guys, I'm nuber and I'm looking for who wants to do a good collab and I run a tutorial channel so if you interested... Probably leave your contact info such as Skype id below and let's have some fun! Peace out guys!
  20. Boris Qs

    Video SEO - How I Rank my Videos on YouTube

    Your video is uploaded on YouTube and you are not getting views, Why? One major factor for that is because you channel is still small. The only way people will know about your channel is through your ranked videos. YouTube videos also need to be SEO optimized in order to get ranked in the...
  21. AbyssDroidZ

    Gaming Android Gaming And Tutorials!

    I'm Looking for collaborators with the same thing coz I do android gaming or sometimes android tutorials more like android youtuber!!!????
  22. Ampix0

    Spent MONTHS on these animations! - Intro to HTML

    At long last this video is DONE! I had been working on this video fairly steadily over the course of truthfully 3 months all said and done. Not everything I worked on was exclusively for this video, but either way it took a long time to get here. And by the time Im done, come to see the video is...
  23. ShadowDaniel

    Help me get out there?

    I need help getting out there in any way possible. If you know a lot about youtube gaming and want to help me out, reply here. I look for someone to guide me through this system and get the views and subs I deserve.
  24. Jawad Soomro


    Scorpion Inferno Tutorial is here. 27% Damage Combo.
  25. AllVisuals4U

    Background music or not?

    Hi YTtalkers, I am doing short tutorials video's (0 to about 2 minutes), but those videos don't have sound. Should it be a good idea to add some copyright free music to the videos? (what is a good site for copyright free music?) Or could music be distracting from learning something.. What are...
  26. Courtney Candice

    Twenty one pilots Josh dun inspired makeup tutorial

    Hey guys, I did a a makeup tutorial inspired by Josh dun from the band twenty one pilots!
  27. anNiallation

    How To Draw God (Atheist Version)