1. creationsbys

    How to;Mated Cobra/Fishtail(modified) Bracelet

    Hello everyone, Learn how to make a new one Bracelet.
  2. IshBuild

    Starting a woodworking tutorial channel - Any feedback and suggestions welcome!

    I've recently started a new channel offering easy builds for aspiring woodworkers to learn and build things themselves. Let me know what you think, Does it look professional enough? If anyone has any suggestions on what else I could build i would really appreciate it!! :D My Latest Video and...
  3. creationsbys

    DIY/Paracord Bracelet "Ocean Waves#

    Hello everyone, we present you tutorial of;How to create "Ocean Waves"Paracord bracelet. It's the first one of it's kind,because there is no such type of weaving pattern.
  4. creationsbys

    How to;Ocean Waves Bracelet

    Hello everyone, we present you tutorial of;How to create "Ocean Waves"Paracord bracelet. It's the first one of it's kind,because there is no such type of weaving pattern.
  5. Jawad Soomro


    PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL(CARTOON EFFECT) Since SELENA killed me with her KINDNESS, I decided to kindly draw her CARTOON image. The image is the part of her music video "KILL EM WITH KINDNESS". LIKE COMMENT SHARE
  6. Crackle

    Gonna Make a Thumbnail Tutorial, What Would You Like to See?

    I'm planning on making a youtube thumbnail tutorial. Nothing "cookie-cutter", as I want to bring real design concepts and ideas that'll help youtubers design future thumbnails on their own by making their own design choices and judgements. My question is, are there any questions you guys have...
  7. Eaglewolf Magic

    Hey! Here's an easy coin trick tutorial! What do you think? (:

    This is my second tutorial so far :) I've wanted to give back to the magic community for a while now without giving away other people's creations or revealing any big secrets. So I thought I'd make tutorials and very easy-to-do beginners magic tricks and hopefully they might act as a stepping...
  8. Ciarra deBritto

    Making YouTube Banners

    Hey, guys! I know that YouTube banners can be a little tricky because the recommended resolution is odd and how YouTube formats them once uploaded can be a pain, but I figured I'd make a little thread to help explain/show the process more in hopes that it helps you! (To the Admins; sorry if I...
  9. Matt360

    How to make thumbnails

    This is the serous one 1.Use photoshop or gimp to make your thumbs 2.Be clever with your thumb (or just add boobs):cool: 3.watch a tutorial 4.ENJOY #Thumbsbroken:eeks: 5.DON'T USE THE SAME THUMBS. [THE MORE YOU KNOW]
  10. Dev4U

    Other Collab for PC Tutorial

    Hi there, I want to collab with a person who is English and even should have tutorial or YouTube game downloads or YouTube tips channel . Check my channel on YouTube Named Dev4U. Check and reply .
  11. Jbarker91

    How to Pick a YouTube Channel Idea

    How to pick a YouTube channel idea can be a very interesting topic for discussion. I’ve started several channels with varying topics or themes. Many people ask, “How did you come up with that idea?” or “What made you want to start posting videos related to that?”. Well, each one has it’s own...
  12. CodeSly

    Thumbnails Tutorial and Paid Requests!

    Hey guys WHAT IS GOOD it's YO BOI. Sly. Today I'm asking if you'd like to learn how to make awesome thumbnails for your videos! If you're interested then please respond and let me know though I also do paid requests for thumbnails, intros and banners for like £2 ($2) Here's an example!
  13. Eaglewolf Magic

    My first ever magic tutorial, coin trough table!

    Hello I am a magician from Reykjavik Iceland. I do magic for a living and recently I started to make videos too! I want to share a few cool, yet simple tricks for the people that are taking their first steps into the realm of magic, and this is my first ever tutorial. :-) So basically my...
  14. Mr Danny

    How To: Birthday Cards!

    Hey you useless piece of human! Do you want to learn to do something right for once in your puny slave life? Good, then watch this video! You can learn how to do some really great, emotional, impactful birthday cards for your loved ones (and other). :) :) :/ :)
  15. B

    Screen recording softwares

    Hi i am starting a new channel about after effects and Cinema 4d tutorials and i dont know what recording software to use. Now my computer is pretty low. CPU Intel Core i5 2.67Ghz Windows 7 x64 Ram 4GB and Integrated video card Intel Graphics 3000. You will say this computer is not powerfull...
  16. TheGamingPanda

    Looking For Advice on My Channel!

    Hey everyone this is TheGamingPanda and I was just wondering if you could look at my channel and leave some tips and advice, on like video quality, sound, and just all around channel quality. Anyways my channel is very small and every little bit helps. Thanks for your time! <3:) My Channel...
  17. BlockyLive

    My plan for being successful on YouTube

    Introduction Hi, My name is BlockyLive I'm a small YouTuber trying to make it on YouTube. I did some research on how to become successful on this platform. As every youtube knows it's hard to make it on YouTube so I want to tell you my plan on creating a successful youtube channel. I organized...
  18. Fee007


    :woot2:New trailer!! See what my new YouTube channel is all about! NOT your average nail channel!:inlove:
  19. dartropolis

    I just posted my beauty haul- what do you guys think?!

    Hello Lovely People! I just uploaded my first fashion and beauty haul- I was incredibly nervous about uploading it, but if you fancy it then give it a quick watch and let me know what you think! Check it out, my channel name is dartropolis I hope you're all having a fantastic day, Darcey x
  20. Aris Federman

    Hey I need Feedback?

    I made a tutorial video on imovie. need feedback! You can check out my whole channel and review that if you'd like.
  21. JustMonotone

    Super Serious Mouse-Clicking Tutorial!

    Watch in awe as you learn how to click your very own computer mouse!
  22. Kousuke-shii

    Need Help with my Youtube Channel name!

    Hey guys, I seem to be having a problem here at YTtalk... My Channel's name is Kousuke-shii Æ but YTtalk doesn't allow that. The Æ part. So, is there any other way to link my Channel with my account? I don't really want to change my Channel name but that is my last resort.
  23. Boredom Killers

    Metalhead Haircare Tutorial! (Comedy/Educational)

    This is my one and only contribution to the beauty and make-up section of youtube, I really hope to not only educate, but also to provide laughs! Apologies for the less optimum visual quality, this was made five years ago on a phone camera - made for fun on a budget!
  24. Jawad Soomro


    MS Powerpoint is the easiest software ever to produce best thumbnails. MS Paint is additional software used for screen capture. You don't need to watch huge tutorial videos to learn this technique. Its pretty simple and easy and I make sure that this video is simple enough for you to learn...
  25. AuthorFilms Studios

    How to record HD stable Drone footage | Tutorial

    Here is a tutorial on how you can record HD drone footage drone your drone for cheap! Hope you enjoy!
  26. MurrehHD

    Editing: 101

    There are a few things to know when it comes to laying out, cutting and spicing up your videos. And the headaches can be endless; what software to use, how to use it, did you cut it right. There are a few tips to keep notes of and certain programs that can helps you out 1. Software: Editing...
  27. ApexTV

    Steps to Getting 2,000 Subscribers (and a MILLION Views)

    In this post I will go over some of the ways my channel has managed to acquire over 2,100 subscribers and how you can too! Also, you 1. The first thing you want to focus on is making a channel. Making an attractive channel is different than just making a YouTube channel. This means adding...
  28. ItsJustJames

    Do you own a DSLR?

    Hello all, I'd be very interested to hear your DSLR experiences, tips, tricks and secrets you've picked up along the way. DSLR's are a huge market for Youtube and getting the most out of them can be a tricky process. Perhaps we can share burning questions about these cameras and learn together...