1. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Challenging three months 0 to 800, THANK YOU!

    Hello everyone. We are new here and we would like to share our achievement doing videos in YouTube for the past 3 months of 2016. Last year October we are at 0 subs and now we are 800 (I think we are still moving up). Thank you very much to those who subbed and believed in us.
  2. J

    Trouble getting views and subs...

    So I know I have only posted one video and my channel is new, but i have got two likes on my video and 20 views yet no subs? Why is this? If they liked the video why dont they sub? Thanks
  3. Jonatan Moser

    Yaaay, 30k just before Christmas!

    I just passed 30.000 views overall! It seems so crazy to think about... This december has given me around 7k views - less than a year ago I had around 96 views a month! My sub count is really going up as well - now we are only 3 short of hitting half a thousand! I feel so blessed and want to...
  4. UndergroundSeries

    Do the amount of video's matter ?

    I have almost 550 videos and I am not getting much traffic on like 450 of them, is it importent to delete/ make them private. Does this amount of videos effect my channel negatively ?
  5. Derrick Toys

    Boosting Views / Angry Algo

    As I was warned views have dropped dramatically after not uploading consistently. One video has 10k views and recent are barely 20.. did algo get angry with me? I've been learning new techniques rather than uploading.. not a good idea. Can I get make it up uploading more and get back on the...
  6. CelyD87

    Kids Youtube! 500 subs in 4 months!!! Woohoo!!

    We just hit 500 subs on our kids youtube channel!! Woohoo!! Very exciting!! Our next goal is 1k subs!
  7. xX_pwn5lyr_Xx

    20 Subs, my Brethren!

    My channel is small, but we made a quick journey to 20 subs! I can't wait to upload more and have fun making videos!
  8. ocslushie

    [locked] YouTube Glitch & Algorithm Change

    YouTube Glitch As many of you have heard there has been a very bad glitch on YouTube recently. People like KEEMSTAR, ComedyShortsGamer, and many others have been affected and have spoken out. If you don't know what it is, then it's a glitch when you upload you gradually lose subs at a steady...
  9. JanPlays_

    Any tips on how to get more subs?

    I am a small channel (8 subs) and im wondering if anyone has some tips on how to get more subs? Thank you!
  10. SeanFace101

    Where can i see a list of all the people that subscribe to me?

    Where abouts in my YouTube settings / account can I find a list of all the people that subscribe to my channel? That is, if this is even possible and there is such a page? :P
  11. darkstarmedia

    Underrated YouTubers?

    I'm pretty sure, if prompted, we could make an extensive list of YouTubers we feel are "overrated", who don't live up to the hype surrounding them, all that nonsense. But I'm not here to talk about that. I want positivity! We've all (probably) subscribed to someone who makes groundbreaking...
  12. gerard loughran


    YouTube is just a hobbie I enjoy making family videos and enjoy editing. Of course I'd glance at numbers of views and subs etc Was just wondering does anyone just focus on it and let it effect how they feel, like happy if you gain or sad and upset If the numbers never change?
  13. A

    Recently Hit 500+ Subs - Made a Thank You Video!

    Hi everyone here at Yttalk! I wanted to share that our channel recently passed 500 subscribers. It took a while to get here, and we are so happy to have reached this milestone! I am so thankful to everyone who has taken the time to visit our channel, watch our videos, subscribe to our...
  14. SpecsTech

    How to gain more subscribers?

    Hello everyone, I'm Specs, I'm new here, I've recently started a new channel and I was wondering if there is any good ways to gain more traffic to my videos and gain some subscribers, I've been attempting to upload a video every day for the last week to keep consistency up, I was just...
  15. ApexTV

    40,000 Subscribers!

    Hello everyone at YTTalk, it's been a few months since I have posted my last milestone on here. As of this writing, my YouTube channel has over 45,000 subscribers and I'm so happy! I started this channel nearly two years ago and am astounded by how much it grew. I posted videos regularly for...
  16. Jack Swish

    40 subs!!

    I am so pleased seeing my channel growing in the last 3 weeks managing to grow to 40 subscribers!!! I'm so happy people are liking my content and want to see more! I know the next 10 will be very hard! If anyone has any advice or tips to help me please let me know :)
  17. Ryu

    30 subs woop woop

    Got to 30 subs today, over the moon about it and i got to 60 followers on twitter, Ty all best community ever
  18. Jonatan Moser

    300 subs and awesome stuff within reach!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you my newest milestone - 300 subs! :-) I've been taking YouTube more seriously lately, and this is my third month of relatively regular uploads... And my sub count has grown from 100 to 300 since I started this (for me) new form of dedication! I am...
  19. Ascriva

    100 SUBS!!!

    I just hit 100 subs! took me sometime to start it and make good quality content but i think im actually doing some decent and creative videos! Happy days!!! My next goal is to get to 500 subs!
  20. MrPeekay

    20 Subs

    So I know this is small, but I'm a small youtuber. I upload almost daily and have almost 40 videos now. I have 23 subscribers so I just hit one fifth of 100 subs and at 25 I will have a quarter of 100 which is only 2 subs away!
  21. D

    50 Subscribers

    Hey all I finally have 50 subs. Well 51 but anyways IM SO EXCITED!! It's a small sub count but I'm so happy about it ! Hopefully soon I will be 100. I do car videos and travel vlogs and I thought even though there are a lot of people doing car reviews and travel vlogs I'd give it a shot. To be...
  22. TreesandTravels

    Reached my First Goals!

    I reached my first goals--100 subs and 1,000 views--last week and I'm very excited! Got my custom URL now and everything. My new goal is 250 subs. I'm still keeping my goal small, but I think I can get there eventually!
  23. sphamedia

    I tried to thank my fans the best that i could

    I made my 100 subs special and i tried my hardest to thank them the best way i could think of, what do you guys think?
  24. sphamedia

    Woo 100 subs! hopefully Halloween will be kind

    Thanks to everyone who helped me achieve this goal with all the advice and talking me through the rough side of youtube, you'll never know how much this means to me
  25. Nanonium

    I reached 50 subs!

    After months, I finally made it, trying to get 100 by the end of this year, gonna grind for it
  26. The Gompfather

    20 and more to come!

    Happy to have hit 20 subs! Might be small potatoes to some of you, but it's really cool for me. Thankful and looking forward to increasing that number! Y'all are cool, the internet rocks.
  27. martingray360

    60,000 views in one month - question

    Hey guys, Early in august I had a creative idea for channel, first 3-4 videos didn't have a lot of traction, but early September it seems to took off. First week ended with 5000 views, next grew to almost 10,000 views, later 17,000, and 15,000 weekly. Subscribers reached 180. I have now 20...
  28. Scooterbean Videos

    The Dreaded but Loved First 100

    So I hear about people getting 100 subs in about a month, which I think is crazy good, figuring that I have been around for 6 months and I only have 53. Now, thing is I DID start off doing gaming, and then I wanted to do something that everybody wasn't doing so I did sketch comedy. I know its...
  29. Nathan Haych


    I JUST HIT MY FIRST 100 SUBS!!! Also 5,500 views too :) Working towards the next milestone!!
  30. Nutella

    If a YouTuber has over 4000 Subs and got over 6k views on a vid but only has 3 likes is he botting?

    I have seen this with a couple of "YouTubers", They'll have lets say 4k subs but when i go to their videos they'll have some with really high views like 6k but have literally no likes lol maybe like 1 and then on their other videos they'll have lets say 10 views with 1 like.Their video views...