1. Boggen Bupis

    Services Logos for shoutouts!!

    I do logos but only with letters I'm not good with animation. I like to do simple clean cut logos with minimal colors. I will do a logo for a shoutout but only if you have around 30+ subs so I can get a return. If you do not have 30+ subs we can maybe work something out. To contact me faster my...
  2. ApexTV

    WOW!!! 7,000 Subscribers!

    Who would have thought that this channel would have gotten to 7,000 total subscribers and almost 4 million total views!? It's almost to 10,000 subs! I'd just like to thank the YTTalk community for all the insight when it comes to gaining subscribers!
  3. Blitzerman

    50 Subs and 7250 views!!

    So guys i've been playing this youtube game for years now! Somewhat on and off however! But rececently with more frequent uploads and a much bettter quality of video i find i am finally (VERY SLOWLY) gaining views and subs! Which is obviously fantastic and further concretes the satisfaction...
  4. radicalbree

    100 subs!!

    It's been loooong but I finally made it to 100 subs! I feel like getting to 100 is the hardest part.
  5. George Tb

    500 Subs Ideas

    Hi guys, Recently reached 500 subs and was wondering what kind of weird/wacky and wonderful things I can do on my channel to celebrate. I'm looking for something outside the box. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My videos are mainly vlogs and gaming based with some variation. Thanks you...
  6. ApexTV

    5,000 Subscribers!

    Wow! Just a couple of days ago I was celebrating 4,000 subscribers! Now it's up to 5,000! Thank you YTTalk community for all the valuable YouTube information! :thanksthumbs: :woohoo!:
  7. ApexTV

    4,000 Subscribers!

    Growth on my channel, ApexTV, is currently very rapid and it managed to reach a whopping 4,000 subscribers a few days ago. I attribute this rapid growth to a video on my channel that recently went viral. It goes to show how much just a single video's success can impact your overall channel's...
  8. Oliver Eaton

    1,000 YouTube Subscribers

    A proud Moment. That's All I can say. Thank You to everyone who has watched, liked, commented and subscribed. Thank You, Oliver
  9. Kacper

    Reached my first 1000 views and 40 subs this month

    So close to 50!! Thanks to everyone here who subscribed :)
  10. thedebaucherousdweeb

    HOLY BUJEEZUS!! Passed 100 subs :D

    I'm so excited! Last week, I had 70 subscribers. I've been working my butt off promoting my videos everywhere I could find, and... now all of the sudden, I have 145!! I can't believe it. My channel feels real, now! :dance: If you guys want to help me out, I'd love to do a Q & A video to...
  11. Jaymo

    New YouTuber looking to help build his community and meet and get advice from other youtubers

    Hey guys I'm Jamie (or as on YouTube: Jaymo) I'm just starting out on YouTube and trying to meet some others in a similar boat to me to help build my community and maybe get some advice from others more experienced than myself. I'm learning as fast as I can about editing but I'm stuck on...