1. Cam Kirkham

    Just Hit 8k views!

    6 videos done and 8k views achieved! Cant believe it! Anyone else got any milestones to share? Cant believe so excited for my channel in the future, just hit 195 subs too hopefully 200 soon!!
  2. Colormyfootsteps

    A little advice for a slow growth channel

    Hey everyone. My channel is a little over a year old now and my subscriber numbers have seen very little growth. I have been uploading once a week for 7 or 8 weeks now and still I have seen very little growth. I am becoming more mindful of SEO but it doesn't seem to be helping. I also share on...
  3. Ayden TravelsandToys

    Do you get SUBS by SUBBING to others?

    Is it customary for YouTubers to sub to others to get subs back in the initial phase of devolopment and growth?
  4. MechaJake

    My channel just reached 100 Subs + 7500 Views!

    Hey Everyone, I'm celebrating a milestone today of reaching 100 subs and 7500 views! :) Actually as I'm typing this my subs dropped to 99 but it's still a celebration! Really loving Youtube so far! My journey continues! EDIT: For some reason this site wouldn't take my youtube username when I...
  5. Nathan Haych

    5000 views with only 84 subs!!

    I've hit my 5000 views milestone!!! I just want to get to my 100 subscriber milestone now :D
  6. Slightly Desi

    Is sub for sub good?

    I want to know if sub for subs are great or not because I'm trying to grow my channel but I'm getting absolutely no subscribers whatsoever.. even though I have three videos up already :/
  7. Branden Morales

    100 SUBS!

    This sorta of crept up on me the other day! Been trying to do a vid for it! Slowly uploading right now. I want to thank everybody on Yttalk for helping me with my channel! I wish the best of luck for all your channels as well! Let's keep climbing guys! :D
  8. SwaggyIndian

    900 subs

    I hit 900 subs yesterday!!
  9. Benny Hardaway 24

    Promote !!!

    If u want some help getting more subscribers? And feel as if your content isn't getting out to the right people? GO FIND THEM! Lol for real! Self promo is KEY to making your channel grow because unless you have a viral video, you will be moving kind of slow. This is some advice I wanted to share...
  10. MrWils


    I reached 1000views and 35 subs which is awesome! Thanks to all my subs and viewers! I am happy with this because I am just a small starting youtube channel! I hope to learn some extra things about youtube in the future but youtube is a hobby so I am happy with a small channel!
  11. Mr Danny

    200 Slaves! I mean, Subs!

    So after ~2 years in YouTube (but been constant since about a year) I finally hit the magic number of 200 subscribers. Why is it magic, you ask? Well, because I'm excited about it. And human excitement is magical.
  12. ApexTV

    20,000 Subscribers, 10 Million Views!

    Hi everybody here on YTTalk! It's been a while since my last milestone announcement (10K Subs) and I can't believe that my subscriber count has doubled since then. I'm overflowing with happiness! :) I started my YouTube channel is November of 2014 and I learned that if you post videos regularly...
  13. BrinoVlogs

    FINALLY 300 SUBS :))

    I finally reached that 300 after awhile, next goal 400 :) Help me out, or even check out my channel and give me some feedback, i would really appreciate it :) "BrinoVlogs"
  14. BrazelHazel


    So basicly heres how it goes for rules and stuff, A) Must have over 100 subs. B) Don't have a squeaky voice. C) Have a good mic. D) Have a Discord/Skype. Make sure you qualify in all of these sections to collab with me!! Have a great day or a good night.
  15. Ballistic

    New idea, need feedback!

    If you guys haven't seen one of my more recent videos, Its' called "kicked form faze". That video did so well compared to my other ones, and I was wondering If I should maybe milk the faze clan name for views, and do another video that would be about me reading the faze members Instagram comments?
  16. Chris the Swissmiss

    1,000 views and 20 subs

    Today I reached both 1,000 total views and 20 subs. As people are fond of saying, I know it isn't much but it means a lot to me. I really enjoy the process of making videos and knowing people have witnessed the bizarre things I have created. I have plans for several different upcoming videos...
  17. sphamedia

    50 subs!

    Im so happy, it took me a year to get 27, then i put some more effort in this month because i lost my job and I got 23 in the month! It really cheered me up :) I was collecting all the nice things people commented on my videos so i could make a colleague for my 100 subs video, but i don't know...
  18. Happybread

    hitting 50 subs :)

    Hey guys, recently i changed up my channels content, with more different stuff on the way and within a week ive gone from 27 to 50 which is awesome. Thanks everyone and have a great day. :)
  19. ShawnMcCallum


    My Channel Just Reached 7000 Views and I made a new Trailer to Celebrate the progress! Thanks to everyone who's given it a look. Cheers!
  20. ShawnMcCallum

    Channel Playlists! Finally made some channel playlists, what do you think!?
  21. Gameoverjack

    Finally Hitting 200 Subs!

    After putting in soo much effort and being as consistent as I can! I finally hit 200 subs! And to think that I jumped from 100 to 200 subs in a week and a half is just amazing! I am just really thankful for what I and our community has achieved and hopefully we go bigger and higher...
  22. Altairsfriend

    I feel stuck. How do you combat stagnated growth?

    Hey Everybody! Right now I'm feeling a little lost and could use some help. We are a new channel and I feel that our content is getting better. Our videos are getting a solid amount of views, which is great! But we haven't gained any subscribers in a little bit which is disheartening. So I am...
  23. Benny Hardaway 24


    im halfway to 1000 subs man !! That's my goal
  24. booitscaitlin

    1k subs and 100k views!!

    Just hit two milestones and I'm over the moon! And my next video will be my 100th as well!!! I've been doing youtube semi consistently since 2012 so I'm so happy I'm hitting milestones Slightly undeserving at the moment but I have a video ready to upload, I just think I should post something...
  25. ShawnMcCallum

    Just Reached Over 6000 Channel Views!!

    I just passed the 6000 view mark! Hoping for another 60, 000 in the months to come! Adventure Vlogs Comedy Shorts Positive Vibes I hope at least another 6000 people want that!
  26. Alvarez Gaming

    Overall ChannelFeedback

    Hello everybody my name is Josh and I just started up a YouTube about gaming. I've been posting videos for a few months now and I cant seem to grow in subscribers or views. I feel like I put a lot of effort into my videos, thumbnails and quality, but who doesn't feel that way. I would very much...
  27. SeanFace101

    Having more subscribers get your more subscribers?

    Do you think that channels with a high subscriber counts helps them get more subscribers? Like... Do you think people are more likely to subscribe to a channel that has already got loads of subscribers as appose to them subscribing to a channel with only a few?
  28. AncientEmma

    Just Reached My First 100 Subs!

    I just reached my first 100 subscribers last night! While I don't have an "ultimate" goal, this feels really incredible and I hope that it can keep going from here. Thanks to everyone on the forum for the support so far! :)
  29. Little World View

    When first starting a channel what do you feel is more important: subs or views?

    i get annoyed looking at how subs can go up a little bit then the next day someone unsubscribes lol I'm only at 7 right now but was over ten last week. Part of me wonders if it's better to just care more about my view count and things like retention rate. What do you think?
  30. Maarij Bashir

    10 Subscribers part of the League and 204 views