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  1. Zydash

    Content Ideas

    Hi everyone, I'm not gonna lie, ever since I surpassed 100 subscribers, I had completely forgotten about YT-talk until today. I've been gaining subscribers at a decent pace but I know that I can do better. I know what I can do, which is make very unique content. However, it's tedious to do so...
  2. Justine

    Gaming Channel Feedback!

    So I try to do this once a month or every other month, but I'm looking for some feedback on my videos (thumbnails, outro advice would be VERY helpful, just quality in general though) and basically my entire channel in general (does it look appealing basically). I've been trying out new editing...
  3. Morpheus0316

    Looking for a Battlefield 1 rant then look no Further!!

    Hey guys King shaka's inner rant guy and check the latest rant on Battlefield 1 brotha! You will enjoy it!
  4. Morpheus0316

    Battlefield 1 Game Play Rant

    Hey guys king shaka here and I'm back!! Here is one of the latest rants that I created for the channel.
  5. Manarkey

    Manarkey - Gaming Channel Feedback!

    Hello there everybody! Some of you may have seen my Introduction thread, but on this thread, I'm asking solely for some feedback on my channel. It can be on my graphics or on the content. If you can view my channel and tell me what you think or give me some advice on how to get to 100...
  6. Ajaxcentral

    How long did it take to get 100+ subs?

    If you have seen my channel I'm not doing well with subs, but other than that I want to know how long it took for you to gain 100+ subs.
  7. MadJack

    Gaming PC Gaming Collaboration

    Hello Everyone, My name is MadJack and have been a YouTuber for quite some time. Lately, I have started to be a bit more consecutive with my uploads and also made a promise to my channel that I should upload a video every Sunday for the rest of the year. So I am currently looking for mature...
  8. UndergroundSeries

    Do the amount of video's matter ?

    I have almost 550 videos and I am not getting much traffic on like 450 of them, is it importent to delete/ make them private. Does this amount of videos effect my channel negatively ?
  9. KantoGaming

    Channel Art Feedback

    Hello! I'm just looking for some honest opinions on my YouTube banner and my thumbnails. I've been trying to make my channel brighter and more colorful. I like my banner because it's my own art, but idk if other people like it. I appreciate your honest opinions (:

    EXTREME FLASHBACKS!! | CallofDuty InfiniteWarfare

    whatever they were throwing around in the first match was mental! i couldnt see anything i just assume it was flashbacks lol but nevermind that hope you enjoyed the episode we actually hit 100 subscribers so thank you very much!
  11. KantoGaming

    Genetics Challenge!

    I recently took on the genetics challenge in the sims 4 and you guys get to decide if I failed or if I succeeded! The challenge is super fun and if you wanna do it yourself check out my video for the rules (:
  12. tedswrong

    Gaming Looking for an Xbox one Collab group!!

    Hey guys I'm looking for people with xbox ones to collab with!!! There is no requirements at all besides just being able to talk and play. I already have 4 people (including me) who are willing to work together and record but as always the more the merrier!!! If you are interested either reply...
  13. BlockHeadGaming

    100 Subs, 10,000 Views | We're 3 Months In This Journey

    Hello everyone! Looks like we hit a milestone! See 2016 wasn't SO bad. 100+ Subscribers 10000+ Views 200+ Followers on Twitter Thanks for all the advice and info out there on the Forum. We're a gaming channel so any additional advice or questions are welcome!
  14. Ellsballs

    How do you structure your gaming videos?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering how other gaming youtubers structure/record their videos. I usually record for around 20 mins for a 15 min video but not sure if I should be recording longer or perhaps not as long. In terms of intros/outros for a series I feel they can interrupt my flow as I'll...
  15. G-Legend

    How specific of a target audience do you need for a gaming channel?

    So basically my uploads consist mainly of Battlefield tips and strategies so you can become the best player possible. I know for sure my channel will appeal a lot to someone who wants to get better at Battlefield 1 because all my uploads are for making better Battlefield 1 players; not to...
  16. UltimateHersh

    Gaming PC Gaming 18+ (NOT MINECRAFT)

    I wanna meet some people so we can help each other grow! Games I think will make good collabs: L4D, CS:GO, G-MOD Killing floor or maybe something silly we find on the internet, I don't suppose it has to be gaming specific either, just let me know what you have in mind

    Gaming Overwatch PS4

    So I play Overwatch on my channel, not all of the time but enough to do collabed. I'm 16 so I don't have a lil squeaky voice (no offence) and I I enjoy playing with widowmaker the most! Must be 15 or over Add me ID: connortosney


    Great... thanks sombra now my character looks like a numpty on The end screen
  19. Timotheos

    Gaming Collaboration League of legends EUW

    Hi there, my name is Timotheos and i have just started a Youtube channel. I am looking for some people to play league of legends with, for a video. Maybe doing a kind of team composition and making a montage or a funny moments episode :D. All I am looking for is nice, English speaking people...
  20. KantoGaming

    Looking for some honest feedback

    I have just made a comeback to my channel after taking a few months off, and I'm looking for some honest channel feedback! I want to improve my channel and make some awesome friends. :smug:
  21. CatTagz


    Today im counting down my top 10 favorite games of all time on my personal favorite games list. So like these are just my own personal favorite games and not best rated or anything like that... Shout-out to Mr Knorrr (Xbox Gamertag) for making video possible by suggesting the topic! Watch the...
  22. ShizzleYTB

    Gaming Look for channels to record with :)

    Hello there! I'm looking for channels to record with in the area of gaming and even vlogging/challenges, that kind of thing. Here's my youtube channel if you're interested :D
  23. Marceive

    Infinite Warfare guys doesn't like my bombs :( (Funny moments)

    So, I made this video today, and apparently not too many people likes my bombs, I'm really sad about it, lol
  24. Justine

    Need Feedback on Recent Content!

    So I do gaming videos and every month or so I try to get feedback on what I'm doing right and wrong, and recently, I've started to put in a facecam for the scary games I play and that's been a hit or miss but maybe it's just the content? I'm not sure, so If you could look to my channel and tell...
  25. Marceive

    How to get more views/attention

    So, I've been doing YouTube for over a year now. I once had 540 subs, but now I'm down to 479. That was because I stopped uploading as much because of school and such. Over the year, I have not seemed to gather much attention on YouTube. I believe that my videos are good quality, but only...
  26. Marceive

    An Infinite Warfare video I made, wowwww

    Noowwwww, I hate this game with a passion, but I loved the video I made. I hope you guys enjoy this video because this video was hilarious in my opinion, but of course, that's just me. Tell me what you think!
  27. Marceive

    Other WOAHHH! Here we go

    SOOOOO I've been looking for some people to collab with for the longest time. I have been on YouTube for over a year and I could never find anyone to collab with. It's been bothering me. BUT NOW! I have finally found somewhere I can. So here we go... I do gaming and comedy vids with a little...
  28. Marceive

    Should one upload everyday?

    Hellllllloooooo guys...... Marceive here and I was just wondering is it a good idea to upload everyday? I upload mon-fri, but it doesn't seem that I'm getting anywhere. I believe that I'm making some interesting content, but hey! That's just me. I saw this one YouTuber who has over 5,000...
  29. CatTagz

    Hi there I'm CatTagz or Leo!

    Hi there I'm Leo and I run a small gaming channel called CatTagz. I very resonly started this channel which is why I have a very low subscriber amount but if we all work together I think that I could grow my own channel while helping some of you guys out as well. I'm open for collaborations and...
  30. G-Legend

    Any Gaming YTers who may be able to help me on this decision?

    What's up guys! I have a gaming YouTube channel and I've been wondering how to reach out to a more particular target audience. The thing is I don't really want to stick with just one game, like COD or Battlefield. I've seen big youtubers who stick to one main franchise but I wouldn't really like...