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  1. GoldSnoopy

    Advice? Mixing games on one channel

    I would really appreciate some advice as this is a question I have asked myself for months maybe even a year now and I have not been able to find the "corrrect" answer for it. I am curious if it would be a good idea to mix a channel that is based off of League of Legends for example, and upload...
  2. M


    I'm new on yttalk and I'm trying to grow my channel. I have a small gaming channel that focus' on horror rn, I'm getting a camera and I am going to start doing things like pranks, DIY's, and facecam videos. Right now I need help on what i can improve on, if your reading this I would love if you...
  3. Matthew Daniels

    Looking for other gamers!

    I'm looking to create kind of a support system or group of YouTube gamers who can come to each other with ideas or for help. Let me know if you're interested!
  4. Zydash

    Surpassing 100 Subscribers

    So I hit 100 subscribers on my gaming channel so..wohoo! Currently, I'm at 120 but my growth has slowed down which kinda sucks but it is better than nothing for sure. I hope to hit my next goal which is 1,000 Subscribers. Might take a while though. But nonetheless, thanks for your time!


    I'm looking for three people to form a group like Vanoss and his friends. I do funny moments videos, I'm 14, and I play games like Bo3, Battlefield 1(when it comes out), WWE 2K16, Star Wars Battlefront, and when ever a free game is available I might do one or two videos on it. Requirements...
  6. T

    Gaming Sup, looking to grow your youtube channel (PC GAMES)

    well u came to the right place, im looking to do a Collab with some people to make funny content. I run my on youtube channel called TylerHarding69 and im in the process of making some funny videos but im missing something..... YOU. I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout...
  7. tedswrong

    Meet Up/Gathering Skype or Bay Area Meet Up!?!

    Any youtube gamers in the bay area or wanna meet up on skype? My goal is eventually have a big group of friends to record funny gameplay with. Reply if your up for the challenge!!!
  8. Justine

    200 Subscribers! Holy Cow!

    So I just got up to 200 subscribers and holy cow, I honestly never thought 200 people would actually like my videos and subscribe so I'm incredibly flattered!! This is so cool and I'm so happy with what I'm doing and I'm so happy I'm making others laugh and yeah!! I'm also super grateful for...
  9. Racurz

    200 Subscribers

    Guys i finally did it i made it to 200 subscribers on my channel it was awhile but hey better late then never just insane how it finally happened i mean some ppl celebrate this way when they get like 1 million or 1 hundred thousand but for me 200 is already a massive number i don't know how to i...
  10. SandManOnly

    Honest Opinion On My Reworked Channel!

    So since the last time i posted in this in the particular thread, I got some good constructive criticism about my channel and I work on it, so I would like some of you who are reading this to please check some of my newest videos and tell me what you like and what you don't about them...
  11. Rquerd

    Mad Max Part 2: S**t get's intense!

    Hey guys! Here's my most recent video (new video will be out in a couple of hours) Please let me know what you think of this video Also if you like it, don't forget to share, comment, like and subscribe!
  12. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Video In Need Of Review

    Hey guys this is my newest video i made what i am looking for 1. how can i edit it better? 2. how is the audio? 3. should i add more VFX? 4. would you subscribe after seeing this video? 5. would you share this video with your friends or on forms? 6. is there anyway to make the video rank...
  13. CyberunHD

    New Channel Trailer for CyberunHD Gaming

    Hey Guys, Here's my new channel trailer, i got a lot of good feedback from the first trailer i posted a while ago, but most feedback was for adding my comms and a little bit about my self and my channel, so here is the new version, hope you like it and thanks for watching:) again, any feedback...
  14. wasteoftimegames

    These girls were wild ;) ...or not? 50/50 take your chance

    okay, i finally was able to push through all that noise on this forum and got some attention. haha im sorry please dont hate me for this.. i was wondering if you can give me some feedback on my gaming channel..... i basically suck at every game but eh i honestly need feed back.... maybe my...
  15. Emenzi

    What can we improve? (Channel review)

    Heyaa, Me and my mates recently went into the magical forum that is YouTube, we've recently started with a gaming channel and would like to get some honest reviews on what is good and what is not! We also changed our name from Banter Bus to ClusterFunk, so the outro on some videos will be...
  16. Dark2W

    Small Gaming Channel

    Hey guys, I'm Jesse or Dark2W :). My channel includes myself playing some of my favorite games and doing idiotic things that ultimately make myself laugh. I'm going to start collaborating very soon to try and grow my subscriber/views count and would really appreciate it if you came and just...
  17. OnlyUseMeRifle98

    Gaming Looking To Make A Collab Gaming Channel!

    Hey Guys I'm Looking to Make a Collaboration Gaming Channel! I need at least 1-2 people to be on it and make videos together as a collaborative channel! For example A collab channel (short for a collaboration channel) is a youtube channel where 2+ different people share one channel and take...
  18. AverageJay

    New Gaming Channel - AverageJay

    Hey guys! So I started my channel two days ago and just uploaded my second video! Currently working on my third video. I will stay consistent for my viewers/subs and try to upload at least 4-5 videos each week. I hope you like my content and look forward to getting to know all of you here on...