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Hey Guys I'm Looking to Make a Collaboration Gaming Channel! I need at least 1-2 people to be on it and make videos together as a collaborative channel! For example A collab channel (short for a collaboration channel) is a youtube channel where 2+ different people share one channel and take turns posting videos on it. They have the potential to grow much faster since videos are posted much more often with the help of multiple people. A couple examples are youalwayswin and vlogbrothers so you get the idea! Im 18 years old and mature. im a very funny and intelligent and motivated person and have a great personality and looking forward to really become great friends with my collab channel partners and soar to fame with our channel so yea heres the requirements:

Must Have a PS4

Must Have Mic

Must Be 16+ and Mature But Funny and Have a Good Sense of Humour

Must Have Experience With Live Commentaries which means sound excited and happy not depressed and tired like you just woke up when you are doing videos

Must Have at least these Starting Games: Gta v, black ops 3, the division, destiny, rocket league, 7 days to die and bf4 (you dont have to have all of these but at least some of them as those are the multiplayer ones i have all the rest is single player ill use those for lets plays and you can use the games you have for your lets plays and content on the channel)

Must be available on most days of the week and weekends to stay in touch and play togther and work on the channel and get to know each other as we do the collab channel

Also if you know how to do gfx that would be great but not required or know someone that could do it but if not we can find somebody

So thats it if your interested add me on ps4, dm me on twitter, hmu on kik, or on skype or leave a messge in the thread and send me a message letting me know you are from this thread and we can talk i will only be picking 2 people that meet all requirements

This is my info:

PS4: OnlyUseMeRifle98

Kik: OnlyUseMeRifle98

Twitter: OnlyUseMeRifle

Skype: onlyusemerifle

Alright Guys thats it contact me if your interested thanks guys!