1. JayyDaGawd

    Stuck at 30 subs!!!

    Hey guys!!! I have been stuck at 30 subs for a few weeks now and also my views per video have dropped a ton. I honestly don't know why this is happening and would like some feedback. I know I don't upload everyday or consistently, but I was getting 25-30 views a video now I'm only getting...
  2. HearingMind

    What else do i need to do to get people's attention?

    Hey what's up youtubers. I've been trying to improve my channel SEO this last 2 months. I've been trying tags and new titles for my videos, also changed the thumbnails style. but the truth is that my channel isn't getting any attention,. to make things worse now even the reddit that gave me more...
  3. The Humble JuanB

    Honest Channel feed back!

    Just looking for honest constructive criticism to my young channel, i value all opinions and ideas that can help me become better as an entertainer, director and actor! what would you like to see different? maybe a video type you think i should focus on? or you think i should just clean up and...
  4. Your Buddy Gas

    How can I improve my channel?

    Hey guys I need some feedback for my channel. I think I need my channel design needs to be sharper in some pictures A better background Better mic I recieved a comment from another YouTuber on my cuphead impressions and he says my voice needs to be better and not monotone. I agree and...
  5. Adventure Campitelli

    Family Adventures/Travels

    I started a family adventure/travel channel back in April. My first video wasn't very good in my opinion but it was fun to make. It is 17 mins long and I made it entirely on my iphone, even using imovie to create it. I have since moved on and got a gopro, drone, and still use my iphone for...
  6. JayyDaGawd

    First Clash Royale video!

    Hey guys! I have just uploaded my first video back on youtube and it is a clash royale video! I made a new account to grind out for youtube videos and I just am looking for any feedback. Remember this is my first clash royale video, so it might be considered bad, but I'm looking for ways to...
  7. Omeo

    Feedback, please!

    Hey, everyone! I'm glad there's a section like this. I would love some feedback on my channel. The link below doesn't work - I've tried several times to get help for this, to no avail - but the name of the channel is Serious Issues. In addition to any feedback on my thumbnails, titles, etc...
  8. Brittneytaylorwg

    Honest opinions on my video lighting and audio quality?

    Hello, I have published my first video on my channel and want consructive critisism specifically on my lighting, camera quality, and audio quality. I am using the feedback to improve my channel overall and I really want to do that! another topic I would like feedback in but is not necessary...
  9. Quirkypoo

    Icon and Banner Feedback

    Hey guys, I was just looking for some feedback on what people think of my icon/banner, just wanted to know if people think it looks a bit shabby or if there's anyway that I could improve on it. Any feedback would be really appreciated seeing as I haven't had any from anyone before! Cheers, QP
  10. OfficialAuxiliary

    Are my videos confusing and non-funny?

    I try to do my best at being both professional and funny which I hope makes the video more entertaining and easy to watch. What do you guys think, any improvements? Any feedback helps!
  11. TheDazzlingDan

    Looking for honest, blunt channel/video feedback.

    Hey, so I started my gaming playthrough channel around 2 months ago (Original I know) :P So far I've absolutely loved it! I've met some pretty cool people and I'm really enjoying making videos :) However, with me being pretty new to Youtube I'm still trying to get as much feedback as I can...
  12. 5

    Possible YouTube Alternative: VidLii

    This new website I found today, VidLii, is basically 2006 YouTube fully operable in 2017. What that means is standard definition video, customizable channels, friends, an inbox, and most importantly, a community. Why am I trying to promote this site on a YouTube forum? If it grows beyond the...
  13. ThumbMuscles

    Finally back after a LONG break, thoughts of my newest video?

    Hello everyone I'm finally back to the grind after a long break due to school and family related business. I want to start frequently uploading (2-3 times a week) and see how far I can take this thing. In my past videos I've had bad audio issue where I sound bad and loud then quiet, etc. I feel...
  14. Caerulean

    My channel's barely growing... but I can't really complain.

    I mostly do gameplay videos of games that have small communities or are generally unpopular. (I still love those games though. And I can't play much else 'cause I only have an old, low-end netbook.) In the past year, I also have not been uploading videos frequently enough because, well, having...
  15. BrandyKoopa

    how do my channel look

    Recently started my CPU vs CPU channel page, and I just wanted to know what you guys thought of my videos, thumbnails, Banner, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated Link to channel:
  16. Pedro Nascimento

    Feedback On Balance Between Talking and Scenery! Be Brutal!

    My two latest creations I think are my best videos so far! The feedback I am looking for is on my latest one. I would like to know what do you think about the length of the video and the blend between each scenery, meaning, are the shoots where I talk and when I show landscape well balanced? I...
  17. Keg Man

    Can i improve on my SEO?

    So lets say for example ive completed a Crusader Kings 2 Video, Ive made a thumbnail, Ive finished off a description, got a decent title and sorted out my end cards. My SEO game i feel could use some improvement. Lets say my title for my video is 'Keg Man Plays: Crusader Kings 2 Modded E1'. For...
  18. B

    Officially 1 month old! Could use some evaluation and feed back =]

    So this is my first attempt at creating a youtube channel, and actually video production in general. I am a web developer by trade and when I was in school, i did some video editing classes but they were years ago and very basis. My channel has done okay in my eyes for the first month, ive...
  19. The Unwanted Letter

    To Hitfilm Or Not to Hitfilm

    So i'm deciding on a new editing software and i've been looking at hitfilm 4 pro and it has a lot of features but the effects mash up i've seen on youtube have a lot of well...gimmicky effects in my opnion that could just be the person who is using the software idek, but my question is Can this...
  20. Lauramillanmu

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys! So I've been in Youtube for a couple of months now and I don't notice any growth. I know it takes time, but I feel like I might be doing something wrong here. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some general feedback on my channel (makeup themed). Thank you in advance...
  21. JayPlaysOfficial

    How Do My Thumbnails Look?

    Hey everyone! my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome! I have come here to ask your guys opinion on my new thumbnail designs to my gaming videos, i used to use panzoid which is a very basic thumbnail editor and then i got photoshop to try and up my design, now i spend roughly 45 mins to 1 hour...
  22. ImChazza

    Need some fresh opinions if possible.

    Hi there, my name is Chazza! I have a gaming channel where I mainly post Rainbow Six: Siege and more recently, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. I am fairly happy with the growth of my channel because I am enjoying the content I create. I am consistently trying to improve the quality of my videos...
  23. ImChazza

    Supressed AR Rampage - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I know this video is 2 days old as of posting. I only joined yesterday. Feel free to comment and give feedback:)
  24. JayPlaysOfficial

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? | Bendy And The Ink Machine | CHAPTER 2

    Hey everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video! :D Please feel free to watch the video and leave some feedback, good or bad, both are very much appreciated! Thankyou for your time.
  25. poogius

    feedback on my latest video

    hey there it would be awesome if you could check out our latest video and give us some feedback on how entertaining it is and what i should improve on like either the animation quality or the structure of the episode, thanks.
  26. TheBlockRoom

    Improving YouTube

    Hello people! I have heard a lot of people recently (almost everywhere) saying that YouTube is dying and that we're all going to be doomed! With this in mind I was curious as to why this was and also, how it could be improved to make it the best video sharing site possible. Interested in...
  27. Daisyah

    Latest Video

    SO many many many people have been telling me I am a little camera shy and quiet in my videos, also people have said the music for my intro was a little annoying, because it started repeating. My question for you is am i still too quiet or is it okay? Also, how is the music for my new intro ...
  28. Juliana Sabo

    New Filming Location + Possible new channel series???

    Hello! I've made a couple more changes to my channel, and would really appreciate some feedback. First of all, I've started filming on my bed. I think the background is better? But I would love to hear from you guys. Additionally, my two latest videos are "Drunk Teaching" and "Drunk Review"...
  29. Nicholas Thing

    Is the concept good

    I tried it last week but it didn't work so now I'm back to try it another time. I am curious about what you guys think of the concept me doing videos of sheetmusic. So my channel is about music, especially mainsteream and EDM. I make mainly sheetmusic videos but once in a while I post like a...
  30. Mister20seven

    Feedback for my Maldives video

    Hi everyone, I made a video of my last trip to the Maldives, swimming with sharks and other animals, walking around, ... I just took my Gopro and started filming, so I didn't have a concept or strategy. What you think of the different angles filmed? Did I vary enough or does it get boring...