Feedback On Balance Between Talking and Scenery! Be Brutal!

Pedro Nascimento

I've Got It
My two latest creations I think are my best videos so far!
The feedback I am looking for is on my latest one.

I would like to know what do you think about the length of the video and the blend between each scenery, meaning, are the shoots where I talk and when I show landscape well balanced?

I would appreciate that you could give me some feedback on this, because seriously I don't know why am I not growing as fast as other YouTubers.
Very interesting video! Ok. I'm absolutely no expert by any means. I'm very new at this myself. My opinion will be more as a viewer than a video creator.

- Vatiety of scenes
- Interesring and different shots/angles
- Really cool city/exploration

What could improve:
- When showing the scenes of the city, you could be talking about what we are seeing, with the B-roll showing. This way we know a bit more about what you are ahowing. Was it a monastery? Was it a palace? Interesting facts about it? Doesn't need to be a lot, but a little more information would be nice.

All in all, great job!