My channel's barely growing... but I can't really complain.


I mostly do gameplay videos of games that have small communities or are generally unpopular. (I still love those games though. And I can't play much else 'cause I only have an old, low-end netbook.)

In the past year, I also have not been uploading videos frequently enough because, well, having limited internet data per month (shared by the whole family) really discouraged me. (Also, it's probably gonna run out tomorrow at the latest so I'll be inactive until next month.) So there - low-end netbook + limited internet data = a frustrating obstacle for a small gaming YouTuber. It's also not an obstacle I can get rid of in the foreseeable future so hopefully there are other things I can do to grow.

I started in September 2014(, although my channel is old and the number of dead subscribers are probably 100+), doing a lot of Infinity Wars gameplay videos. But my commentary back then was TERRIBLE so I set all those videos (with terrible commentary) to private. xD I mean, it's still bad but it's significantly improved, and I am honestly glad that I managed to improve my spoken English doing YouTube videos. It's one reason why I keep going - to improve my English, my second language.

This month, I started getting back into it - uploading more videos, basically. However, I'm not expecting much growth 'cause, as I said, the games I play have small communities or are unpopular and only a few would really care to watch some stranger's videos xD, I believe. I've already done some self-promotion which I don't expect to do much. There's this MMO I play - LOTRO - that I plan on getting back into recording gameplay videos of; it has the largest community among the games I play but it's 10 years old already, though some life have returned to it in the past several months. There's also Grandia II, which is one of the most popular games I've played and I've leeched off of views on the non-gameplay videos of it on my channel from years ago. However, like I said, it's really old and I already tried doing gameplay videos of it before which only got a handful of views like the rest of my gameplay videos. There's also Skyrim - probably the most popular game I've played - and I'm also a modder there. But I can't record it without lag so that's likely not an option.

Newest game I started playing is Stardew Valley. Fairly new, doesn't require a high-end system, and is really positively received on Steam. Seems like the perfect choice, and that this would get me more views. Buuuut no, at least it hasn't yet.

Well, that's it. I really have no advice for myself other than to keep making more videos and becoming more active in the communities. Any other advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)

Sorry for the REALLY LONG post, and thanks for reading. c: