1. MijacOnAir

    [QUERY]: Organizing Hard Drives after finishing work – How to avoid getting mad to find old projects

    Hi all, After being working for a lot of years editing videos and creating content for YouTube, agencies, social media and different clients plus making personal projects, I would like to reconsider or evaluate the way I am storing my stuff. Here is what I do: in a regular basis, I edit in my...
  2. Redlime

    Workflow for searching and saving pictures and clips from the internet for my video?

    So I'm making a Youtube video in the format of commentating while appropriate clips and pictures are shown and edited onto the screen to illustrate and emphasize the points I want to make in my video. I really dig this format style as it gives the viewer something new to see on screen every few...
  3. B

    I need editing/recording advice

    Hi, im new here and i need help. I just made my first video(i have 2 subscribers) after a long time of editing, but i still think it does not look great editing wise (and maybe the raw footage too) I edit in Hitfil4Express and record in Shadowplay. The video is a cs:go gaming montage, clips...
  4. N

    Gaming Funny moments ish

    I'm looking for someone that makes funny moments/ funtage type videos and that actually puts the effort into editing and thumbnails etc... As well as has a good sense of humour. Preferably 17 years old + I play both PC and Xbox I have a discord where we can organise collabs so hmu if you want to...
  5. darksmokeyt

    Opinion on iMovie?

    Just curious. Lots of people tell me that iMovie is terrible for editing YouTube videos, but I'd like to see the different opinions on here.
  6. R

    I want to know how i can make blurry background on video

    Hello , i want to know how i can make a video background blurry but the phone and my hand NOT blurry (see attached picture for more details) , Thanks
  7. Courtney Candice

    Editing takes forever

    I always pre recorded a lot of my videos when I can, but sometimes I’m still late on uploading because of how long it takes to edit. Most of the time I will start editing my videos a week or two ahead of time, but sometimes I still struggle getting it ready for the exact day I need to upload...
  8. Jim Baugh

    Color Grading

    I was wondering how many folks out thee color grade and correct for their videos. We do but it sure adds time. Just curious and if you do what is your work flow. Will be glad to share ours/ Thanks! JB
  9. Nerfworthy

    Gaming World of Warcraft, anyone playing? Seeking for collabs.

    Hey guys, i've recently started youtube, near a month ago.. and i'm expanding and growing stronger, rapidly, kinda.. >:D i'm looking for players who would like to play and create videos, together with me. I've started new youtube series and the idea behind is to reach 1-100 in total film mode...
  10. Eve Hemingway

    Does anyone else say "erm" and "like" too much that it looks jumpy once edited?

    Hey can you guys check out some of my videos and let me know if they are too jumpy. I put a lot of jump cuts in because I say like and errrrm so much! I think the videos that are of concern for me are: THIS IS IMPORTANT an insight to antenatal depression and MY 13 REASONS WHY | BULLYING...
  11. Chicken Tendies

    Feedback please <3

    Since it is the new year i would love it if some people would look and some of our stuff and give us an honest critique because I want to better the experience on all fronts of the channel. Thanks and Love from the boys at Chicken Tendies<3
  12. Amber Nikole

    I broke 100!

    I'm really excited, I broke 100 subs! And I have a new video up using lighting and I learned a new editing trick!
  13. S

    editing software

    Ok so been using Sony Vegas editing but I don't think its making my videos good enough what's the best software there is I'm on Windows not Mac I've tried most of them Adobe,camtasia etc just want one that but gives good editing for views
  14. MrYorkiesWorld

    How To Remove Noise From Audio In Audacity | Clean Up Audio Using Audacity

    Hi Guys, In this video, I'll show you how to remove noise from your audio recordings using Audacity. Audacity is a great free tool for editing and optimizing music and audio recordings from microphones. It allows you to improve voice quality, remove unwanted noise and record new audio all in...
  15. The Unwanted Letter

    Is giving up on a project ok?

    So i have been editing this project for a whole week and i have gotten to the point where i don't feel motivated to finish the project. Im just not feeling it and because of this i feel like im procrastinating more on getting it done and its really taking time away from my schedule. So should i...
  16. Wxrdy

    Editing Software!

    Hi guys, i just joined the YTTalk community and i have loved my experience so far... For my first post i just wanted to talk to you guys about Editing Software! For my editing software i use Hitfilm 4 Express because its free! Hitfilm 4 Express is amazing if your looking to simply edit your...
  17. VRONA

    Picking the Best Video Editing Software for You!

    In this thread I want to go over exactly how to get the right editing software for you. I want to do this after I noticed lot's of people fall into a trap of judging content by what editing software it was edited in. So first off, some background on what I use: When my channel first began 4...
  18. Bro D

    iMovie For Editing Gaming Videos

    I am using iMovie currently, because quite honestly I just can't afford any of these $300 video editing softwares. Not to say I don't hope to eventually get there, but currently, I am working with what I got. Anyways, anyone have any tips or tricks I can add to my toolbox that will help me out...
  19. Adventure Campitelli

    Color in my Video

    I'm trying to get better at adjusting the colors in my travel videos. Tell me what you think of the color in my latest video. Does it have too much green? Should I of left it alone?
  20. Brittneytaylorwg

    Best computer for...

    What is the best computer for free or reletivley cheap short term and maybe in the future good editing while still being okay for gaming? pc or mac? what ones and brands and models what are some good editing softwares for each? thank you!
  21. SeanFace101

    Where can i get a full free Windows Movie Maker?

    Where can i get a full free download of the Windows Movie Maker video editing software? I have had it a few times on computers when i bought the computers but i cant find it online to download as the laptop i have now doesnt have it on it. :P
  22. VigilantRager

    Audio and recording

    How after recording multiple audio tracks with OBS can you split them up? In VLC I can clearly listen to both tracks but when I drag that file into Hitfilm it only has my voice. does anyone know anything about this? I am just figuring all of this recording jazz out so any tips would help really
  23. Your Buddy Gas

    What's your opinion on Adobe Creative cloud CC 2018?

    As some of you may know, the Adobe Creative Cloud cc 2018 update released a few days ago. Not obviously all of you work with it(or with a few programs at least), but to all who use it, what do you think about it? My opinion: Adobe has program's for a very wide group of creators. Some are...
  24. KacperDzn

    Personal editing/recording softwares!

    Hello guys, Personally, for recording I use Camtasia Studio 9 recorder. This is great for me as it is very simple to set up and is lag-free. If you are a gamer, I'd recommend OBS (Open Broadcast Software) as if you use the right settings you can get some clean gaming videos! After I record In...
  25. The Matt Diaries

    Production Timeline

    How long do you spend producing videos? By that I mean from pre-production to uploading.
  26. Your Buddy Gas

    How many TB should I dedicate for storing footage?

    I know, this question may sound a bit stupid, but I'm considering to add a sdd hard drive for my pc for storing gameplay footage. I compress it with handbrake to safe a lot of space but the footage can go up to 2 hours (so I can capture gameplay automaticly when I'm doing good at a game) long of...
  27. Jared Poirier

    Green Screen Advice

    Hey guys! I recently posted my first green screen video. I find that it looks okay for a first attempt but I am trying to get a lot better. Do you guys have an recommendations for improving the quality of greenscreen? Thanks! - Jared
  28. VRONA

    My Story of Using Movie Maker |How Much Does Editing Software Actually Affect The Quality of Videos?

    I recently got into a conversation with this guy on a YouTuber discord about editing software. He said that if I wanted to improve the overall quality of my videos I should look into some more professional software, which I already have installed somewhere on my PC just doing nothing, but I...
  29. Morpheus0316

    Favorite Photo editing software

    Photoshop as I got better with it has become my favorite photo editing software. However Gimp was good to me and you can never forget the classic MS paint.
  30. KpopIsEternal

    Reaction video editing?

    Hi I've been looking for free editing software for reaction videos, if anyone has ideas or can help me, let me know :)