Workflow for searching and saving pictures and clips from the internet for my video?


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So I'm making a Youtube video in the format of commentating while appropriate clips and pictures are shown and edited onto the screen to illustrate and emphasize the points I want to make in my video. I really dig this format style as it gives the viewer something new to see on screen every few seconds instead of staring at a looping footage or just gameplay footage nonstop. I used *************.cc to download the clips and audio I want to use in my videos, but sometimes it can take too long to download and import the videos into my editing software.

Also, sometimes I can take a little too long to find the clips and pictures I want to include in my video. So how do you quickly find the clips and pictures or screenshot of websites you want to include in your video?
I don't know if this is the most efficient way to do it, but I grab clips and edit the pictures I'm using while I'm making the video. It's easier for me to get what I want when I can see them in the video right then and there, rather then collecting them all before.
I agree with you. That is definitely not efficient. It makes more sense if you build a small data bank recurrent content.
Another question. How you solve the problem with copyrights?