video making

  1. Redlime

    Workflow for searching and saving pictures and clips from the internet for my video?

    So I'm making a Youtube video in the format of commentating while appropriate clips and pictures are shown and edited onto the screen to illustrate and emphasize the points I want to make in my video. I really dig this format style as it gives the viewer something new to see on screen every few...
  2. yongychong

    Does an Intro BOOST retention or take away from retention?

    Hey guys, in your opinions does a well made intro (maybe like 3-5 seconds) encourage the viewer to watch longer or cause them to click away? I've seen people claim that one or the other is better. Or if it's the case of what content you create specifically, what kinds of content warrant an...
  3. H

    What is your style of video making??

    I just want to here how other people make their videos and see how that it effects your video post production. So I want this thread to be a place where people can explain how they edit record etc etc and check out other people videos to see how that style of making videos effects the video and...
  4. KantoGaming

    What kind of videos do you like seeing?

    I know as for my channel I do a lot of lets plays, but I also do some vlogging and art videos. What kinds of videos do you like watching? What makes a video interesting to you? As far as let's plays go: what types of games do you like watching? Newer or older games? Popular or unpopular...
  5. K

    Deconstruction Videos

    I often see a lot of the same types of videos on YouTube such as, Summer Essentials, Ways to be healthy, Morning Routines etc. So I often like to take those themes and kinda deconstruct them into making them into something new! :D How about you guys? :) Do you enjoy seeing spins on Popular or...
  6. Josh100LuBu

    Longest you've spent on one video

    What is the longest you have spent on one project?
  7. Josh100LuBu

    Anyone had a "sleeper hit video"

    I think you probably understand what I mean, you upload a video that you don't expect will reach far beyond your subscriber count and it ends up getting thousands of views. I always think this is a pleasant surprise, i've made videos that are 35 minutes in length, full of green screen and...