Longest you've spent on one video

I'd say about six hours, my videos generally range from 5-10 minutes. But sometimes I become super O.C.D. about them. (that's not including the time I have to sift through my footage)
Spent probably about 20-40 hours on my latest video. Maybe more....
It's a best of January so I had to delve into all the videos that we have released and browse for all the funny parts.

Then I had to cut that video down once again into a best of.

Then I had to figure out how to fit them together somewhat interestingly.

Then I had a computer crash, and spent a while in sadness :(

Then I did it all over again.

Then I had to figure out how to do an outro with video links and get them working correctly.

And now it's mid February and I have to start doing it again, but computer issues delay some releases.

Overall was a trying February, But I am a very optimistic and upbeat person so I try to not let it effect me :D
What is the longest you have spent on one project?
Well I did one time lapse that took me over 15 hours to film since I had to watch the milk and coke transform over night. I had to block our dining room so my girlfriend wouldn't accidentally turn off our lights by accident. That is one of the more awkward things I've filmed since being on YouTube. She wasn't around when I did my twerking panda riding a Roomba video. As far as editing I think I spent a few hours on my Ski video and it took 4 days to film, I'd say that's the longest I've had to edit a video since I sat through 4 days of footage to find the good parts.
6 months? well I'm just a big procrastinator, so I'm usually taking way longer than what I need to. ;):(;):(:)
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