1. Josh100LuBu

    Best time or day to upload

    Many YouTubers I watch speak of uploading videos at a certain time of the day or at a weekend, do you tend to create an upload schedule for yourself or are you a spontaneous uploader?
  2. Josh100LuBu

    Longest you've spent on one video

    What is the longest you have spent on one project?
  3. Josh100LuBu

    Do you look into the camera?

    Whilst making videos do you look directly into the lens of the camera or do you watch yourself from the screen at the side? I tend to look all over the place, i'm naturally an over excited person.
  4. Josh100LuBu

    Anyone had a "sleeper hit video"

    I think you probably understand what I mean, you upload a video that you don't expect will reach far beyond your subscriber count and it ends up getting thousands of views. I always think this is a pleasant surprise, i've made videos that are 35 minutes in length, full of green screen and...
  5. Josh100LuBu

    Are you view conscious?

    Do you regularly check your views on new uploads? Or are you more laid back and care free when it comes to viewership.
  6. Josh100LuBu

    People Looking Down On YouTubers

    This is a pretty controversial topic, whenever a big YouTuber makes headlines here in Britain such as Zella or Syndicate, these names often accompany comments from people saying "Time to get a real job" "Got rich from doing nothing" etc. What is your response to this mainstream view from non...
  7. Josh100LuBu

    I Give Birth!

    My Facebook Fan Page
  8. Josh100LuBu

    Videos That Have Inspired You

    Have you ever watched a video on YouTube from another user that you can say has inspired you in a positive way?
  9. Josh100LuBu

    Combat Footage Of Me

  10. Josh100LuBu

    The Lifestyle Of A Pilot

  11. Josh100LuBu

    My 80's Hairstyle

  12. Josh100LuBu

    My Very Own Theme Song

  13. Josh100LuBu

    Ladies In My Lexus

  14. Josh100LuBu

    How I Escaped School

    Video explaining how I managed to escape the rat race and discover a better life.
  15. Josh100LuBu

    Do you create Christmas Specials?

    I have been doing them since 2012, do you guys create Christmas specials?