Are you view conscious?


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Do you regularly check your views on new uploads? Or are you more laid back and care free when it comes to viewership.
I notice the increase, but I already know where it is going to end up. Between 100-300 for regular videos and 1000-2000 for cars and coffee and car reviews. After that I just notice extreme spikes. And yes, my first car review did nothing compared to what it is doing now. It only gained steam after a few months. Imagine that!
I'm a lot more laid-back about my views than I thought I'd be. I set myself the mini challenge of hitting 100 views in 24 hours or less and it's worked for a few. I imagine that'll be a little easier as my subscriber count improves.
I check overall views and overall subscribers WAY to often. Like today I gained a sub and got way more excited than I should have. But views per video I don't really check too often. Mainly because videos I think are awesome get like maybe 150-400 but then one of my lamest videos has over 7,400 so I am a terrible judge of what they should get so I don't get too obsessed about it. I do however like to watch the overall view count rise, it's nice to see a much bigger number than per video.