People Looking Down On YouTubers


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This is a pretty controversial topic, whenever a big YouTuber makes headlines here in Britain such as Zella or Syndicate, these names often accompany comments from people saying "Time to get a real job" "Got rich from doing nothing" etc. What is your response to this mainstream view from non YouTubers?
I think YouTube first and foremost is a hobby not a job.

Usually people who start off on YouTube think that it's easy money and they found a loophole into getting rich quick.

Then they find out that it's not that easy and really time consuming to "make it big"

The people that do make it big have been doing YouTube for years and worked hard on it.

The media has always never done all of their research and assume that these big YouTubers are little compared to them
even though channels like DramaAlert is more popular than the New York Times now.

All in all the Media has always been pretty garbage about any subject.
I think that any profession where it looks like "anyone" can do it is rife with people telling the folks in it to get a "real" job. I also hear, "This won't last forever," as if the people who are making a living at YouTube don't understand that, or haven't started planning for it. It sounds to my ear like petty jealousy, to be honest.
People on the outside looking in often do not get the entire picture. Get rich doing nothing? One video means a full workday of filming and editing at the very least. So yeah, whoever says that can shove those comments.

For me it's a hobby, but I respect those that can do it as a full time job and will never speak ill of them.
I feel like some channels are extremely dumb and easy to make..... GradeaUndera made a funny video about extremely stupid channels that are huge that anyone could do.... I think those channels are maybe the channels that give decent channels that actually take talent a bad name.....
It takes time to edit the video you made and sometimes it's not only one because if you record more than 1 thing it's harder that way.Everybody do thinks that it's easy no doubt that but if they try it themselves they will see how much work it is.
I think many people don't see YouTube (or the internet) as a media in its own right. That's why some people have coined the phrase "YouTube famous" - It's as though they are saying YouTube doesn't really count as a serious media. Compare that to someone who is a TV or movie actor. People don't label them as "TV famous" - They simply say that they are "famous."

My experience is that that attitude often comes from the older generations and/or technophobes who perhaps didn't grow up with new technologies and Youtube and haven't really accepted them as serious media. Many of them just don't "get it" and instead of trying to understand, they choose to just bury their heads in the sand. Chuck Martin's flippant remark in the above video is a classic example of that.