Color Grading

Jim Baugh

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I was wondering how many folks out thee color grade and correct for their videos. We do but it sure adds time. Just curious and if you do what is your work flow. Will be glad to share ours/ Thanks! JB
With my videos, if I'm sitting in the same location for the entire duration, I add an adjustment layer over the entire project and just colour correct that layer for the entire thing. That way I know that if I like what I've got on one frame, I don't need to worry about the rest of the project.

As for multiple shots, I try to set one frame from each location or lighting change and then match each of those!
Ok THanks. Checked out some of your vid. Fun! Curious if you dropped the blacks any with the luma curve on this one, does not really look like it. Working with so much white can be tricky. Looks cool though! Fun vid. Thanks!
You could try purchasing some LUT's which do all the colour grading for you, they come in handy when you can't be bothered to manually grade every shot! Final cut pro, adobe prem pro among others all are compatible with LUT's.

Good luck :)
When I use my good camera I color grade using color finale. For work flow I use the same flow as he talks about in "Create a cinematic look with Color Finale in under 5 minutes"
I usually only colorgrade my thumbnail.
Ill probably get more into it when I put more time into my channel and get a good workflow. :)