[QUERY]: Organizing Hard Drives after finishing work – How to avoid getting mad to find old projects


Jul 11, 2018
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Hi all,

After being working for a lot of years editing videos and creating content for YouTube, agencies, social media and different clients plus making personal projects, I would like to reconsider or evaluate the way I am storing my stuff.

Here is what I do: in a regular basis, I edit in my internal SSD and once the project is done (or when this drive is close to be full), I move this whole folder to an external mechanical storage, which is normally a “cheap” 2.5’’ drive. Once I have this backup drive full, I tend to get another of the same size and specs and clone it as the 2ndbackup and then both drives go to the cabinet.

I know it is not the most “pro” thing to do but I would like to know how you guys do it or if you have any different way to proceed AND, most importantly, what pattern do you use to log or classify your in-drive projects. I have read that some people creates a spreadsheet with the name of the drive and a list of the folders they have in and so on. I know this can take a lot of time and I am willing to do it if it’s useful.

So… what is the way you classify things to access some years later and what do you think is the best way to preserve your data and avoid loss issues?

P.S.: I want to keep it simple and cheap (not so sure of the cloud benefits, for instance).

Hope you all have a nice day
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