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I'm looking for someone that makes funny moments/ funtage type videos and that actually puts the effort into editing and thumbnails etc... As well as has a good sense of humour. Preferably 17 years old +
I play both PC and Xbox
I have a discord where we can organise collabs so hmu if you want to join.
Feel free to watch one of my videos first :D thanks
hey i do funny videos with a few of my friends and we would love to have new friends to play with and do videos with if you want to contact me my gamertag is alachensky
Hey just wondering if u want to collab, my channel is Itz Dezro I have 1,600 subs and I make funtages
hello, id be interested in maybe doing a couple video's along side you if you were to be interested, no guarantee you'd think i would be a fitting partner but please do consider

-thx ya boi
The OP of this thread hasn't been back to the forums in many weeks, so I've locked it to prevent confusion about active collaborations.
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