1. N

    Gaming Funny moments ish

    I'm looking for someone that makes funny moments/ funtage type videos and that actually puts the effort into editing and thumbnails etc... As well as has a good sense of humour. Preferably 17 years old + I play both PC and Xbox I have a discord where we can organise collabs so hmu if you want to...
  2. The_Man_XX

    Opposites Attract

    What i'm trying to say here is that have you ever put so liitle effort in a video that you did expect to get high view but ended up getting lots of views in the end,and on the other hand have a video that you spent hours editing and had such high hopes that it ended up getting very few view?
  3. Scooterbean Videos

    Working To Hard?

    Now I want to start off by saying, YouTube isn't really work. Its a hobby that yes some people can get paid from, but most of us do it for fun. There is people who put a lot into their channel just to make it more watchable for their viewers, some more than others. Is there a point where you're...
  4. Gameoverjack

    Finally Hitting 200 Subs!

    After putting in soo much effort and being as consistent as I can! I finally hit 200 subs! And to think that I jumped from 100 to 200 subs in a week and a half is just amazing! I am just really thankful for what I and my.....no our community has achieved and hopefully we go bigger and higher...
  5. PsySpy Gaming

    VWF Elimination Chamber Promo

    This is for a specific group that I am a part of and I thought that it might be good practice on my part. And honestly, it's probably the most editing that I have ever done. Even if it is only a minute long. While it is on someone else's YouTube page, one of my buddies got all the clips and I...