1. A

    5 seconds music of the radio in the car?

    Hi there! I was wondering how so many youtubers can use copyrighted music? Example: driving in the car and singing along with the radio for a couple of seconds. Or going to a bar and in the background there is music. How can they use it without getting in trouble? I thought you are not...
  2. JustDestiny

    i won my copyright case

    Okay so about 2 weeks ago (Aug 22) I uploaded a video and a company called "The Hollywood fix" falsely claimed my video and started monetizing it with ads. I started to dispute it and stated that my video fell under "Fair use" but the "Hollywood fix" deemed it theirs to claim. (keep in mind this...
  3. TopFelya

    Copyright Counter-Notification help

    Some one re uploaded my video. That video gets more views then my original video. The youtube channel who stole my video got over 169K subs. All their content from others youtube channels. I reported the the video and Youtube removed it. Today I received Copyright Counter-Notification from that...
  4. M

    No copyright music?

    Hey yters, so I'm really tired of using the same music over and over from the audio library but I'm not sure where else to get music so that I don't have any copyright issues. I also noticed that a lot of videos have popular songs, like the other day I saw one with Shape of You in it.. I it was...
  5. H

    How so many channels uploading copyright content

    Every time i upload a video and each time different form other someone claim it. thats okay but the problem is why only me there are lots of people who uploading copyrights even complete movies and they monetizing also. so please guys if anyone knows and wanna help please help me and please...
  6. ApexTV

    Collab Copyright Claims

    Hey everyone, I'm making this thread to tell you guys about my experience with a company called Collab. So they recently made copyright claims on several of my videos. And it's very interesting that they only claim some of my most popular videos, all having over a million views. I immediately...
  7. C


    Please guys, am writing to get possible clarification for my youtube channel I have a channel i just created, so i will be making videos, the plan is to upload daily, and the videos would be sharing some tips on how to stay healthier. But you know that to achieve this, i need to source...
  8. JLD

    Copyright Claims

    So I have a channel where I do football edits and I have several copyright claims on my channel. What does this mean? It says I don't need to worry if I'm fine with the conditions (no viewing restrictions and monetised by claimant) but what does this affect for my channel?
  9. M

    Filling disputes against copyright claims

    Hey guys! I just want to tell you not to be afraid of filling disputes. Even if unsuccessful, your account wont get striked or suffer anyhow. File them everytime you think you're not infriginig anyones copyright.
  10. Tarek 47

    Can i use others youtubers Gmv or Amv in my video ?

    I was uploading another YouTubers Gmv and Amv and translate them to another language and I give the credits to them in my description but I was wondering if this is legal or I should tell the owners that I take their video and use it and if I don't tell them can youtube delete or ban my...
  11. Krizi

    What does this mean?

    Hello, I have gotten this email from Youtube. What does this mean and what do I do? Do I need to take the video down? Please help.
  12. ArtesVives

    Can you mixed monetized videos and non-monetized videos in the same channel?

    I have a channel that is not monetized and have almost 1000 subscribers there. I just did that one for fun, translating lyrics: English songs to Portuguese and Spanish, and Portuguese and Spanish songs to English. I had no problems at all, because I gave them credit from the beginning and the...
  13. ra2havoc

    I found 3 Channels that Stole/ Re-upload my videos on their channel

    I found 3 channels that re-upload between 30 to 100 videos of mine to their channel without permission. I make gaming/ gameplay content and these 3 channels has taken my videos and use it as their own. All the content on their channel is of mine. This is my channel: /user/redalert2havoc and...
  14. R

    Youtube mistakenly found copyrighted content on my video?

    I'm a new youtube and I just posted a video. I used some music in it (Hungarian Dance, which isn't copyrighted) And youtube told me that there is copyrighted content in it. When I click on it, it says It contains a different song. It says It plays at a certain time in my video, so I go to that...
  15. Raid MusicHD

    One of my videos got copyright claim, what should I do?

    Hi everyone, Raid from Raid MusicHD here. I hope everyone stay healthy and creative. Let's get straight So recently, one of my videos got copyright claim. I don't dispute this yet because a lot of people said that disputing copyright claim isn't the best answer. But I see a lot of YouTuber just...
  16. T

    Info on Copyright and Fair Use.

    Hello there, Recently I have been watching few funny Family Guy clips on youtube, but then I got curious and wondered if these types of channels that upload these 2-5 minute clips get paid? They get a ton of subscribers 50-100k and most of the videos that are released on same day get about...
  17. E

    Images of famous people - model release

    Hello, am i allowed to show public domain pictures of politicians and celebrities in a video i earn money from, even though i dont know if the creator of that image has a model release? I dont understand that part. I feel like people show images of famous people on youtube all the time, but...
  18. E

    Proper attribution for a edited Creative Commons image

    Hey, i wanna use following image in one of my videos: See image 1, the source is wikimedia commons. But the original source is flickr. But here it still has its background. See image 2. So do i have to refer to the source as wikimedia or flickr? And if i refer to flickr, do i have to...
  19. Quick Question

    Is my video protected under fair use? - Parody, educational, benefits the market

    Please see my signature video about Game of Thrones. (If you're short on time see below) It's basically a rap song about Game of Thrones, making fun of it and what happens in it. I answer a question, Who's died in Game of Thrones, thus informing people (Does that count?), I use footage from the...
  20. hearty394

    My YouTube Banner...Is It Ok To Use It?

    So, I drew a YouTube banner (which obviously needs to be edited and colored and what not, haha.) Anyways, as you can see, it features recognizable things and characters. Reason being is that I plan to have a channel talking about things from our childhood as well as some current things. Is it ok...
  21. E

    I dont understand this "copyright tag" in wikimedia commons

    Hello, i wanna use an image of charles darwin in a book summary. Und the public domain image at wikimedia commons is this sentence: Public domain works must be out of copyright in both the United States and in the source country of the work in order to be hosted on the Commons. If the work is...
  22. E

    Am i allowed to use that picture of a game controller?

    Hello, this picture has no copyright, but it is the original NES controller. Am i allowed to show it without problems?
  23. Nate Roberts

    Verifying Royalty Free Music

    So I have been creating videos and I am not sure if I want to monetize them. But on the chance that I do, I wanted to use royalty free music. So I have been using SoundCloud under the royalty free section, but after I post the video YouTube says the music has been copyrighted. So far it has only...
  24. E

    Creative Commones Name Attribution - does no one do it?

    Hey, since i started making videos i looked alot into copyright and stuff and i realized that basically no one of the videos i watch ever mention the source of a creative commons picture they use in their videos. Why? Is it not necessary or is it because its unlikely that the creator of the...
  25. E

    I have unsolved questions about copyright, where can i get clear answers?

    I am german so i dont really know where is the best place to search for a lawyer who can answer my questions. I tried tons of different forums but i just cant get the answers i need. I dont want to risk putting time and effort into something that will get me sued later. Do you know any...
  26. H

    Getting pirated like crazy - advice needed

    Hi, I've noticed there are dozens of channels who have downloaded as many as 150 of our videos and are re-posting them with the same titles, copy, tags. If I were to file copyright reports against every video, I'd do nothing else the next 2 weeks because the system doesn't let me report an...
  27. Heather White

    Radio Music

    I have some across many vlogs where the radio is playing in the background. But I have heard that playing music that is not yours in your videos is violating copyright laws. What are the guidelines here?
  28. M

    Chances of getting sued and precautions?

    Hey guys! So I run a fitness and health channel, and a few weeks ago I mentioned it to someone and they told me to be careful that I don't get sued. Got me wondering, how common is it to get sued for any reason as a youtuber? I always post disclaimers in my videos like "this is not intended to...
  29. E

    Famous quotes of living people?

    Is it allowed to use famous quotes in a video without permission? I saw this recently in some videos. Is this allowed or is just the chance of getting caught very low (considering that the video title and topic itself doesnt refer to the autor of the quote)?
  30. E

    Quoting text passages in a book summary

    Hey, in my animated book summaries i usually describe everything in my own words but sometimes there are 1 or 2 sentences that would be nice to quote. Am i allowed to do that? Do i have to put it into quotation marks or is that not necessary, considering that it is clear which book the video is...