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Okay so about 2 weeks ago (Aug 22) I uploaded a video and a company called "The Hollywood fix" falsely claimed my video and started monetizing it with ads. I started to dispute it and stated that my video fell under "Fair use" but the "Hollywood fix" deemed it theirs to claim. (keep in mind this video gained over 700,000+ views within two weeks)

Now fast forward two weeks (Sept 5th) the "Hollywood fix" sent a false copyright take down of my video an then I received a copyright strike... and at this point I've had enough. I started to dispute this and I sent in a counter-claim request (this take about two weeks) and then in the end I won! I just received the email today from YouTube stating that my video was restored and everything BUT... when I go to my copyright notices it still says "includes copyrighted content" and then when I checked the video it also says "Monetized by claimant" which makes no sense since I just went through this whole process to prove my video was fair use.

So my question is how long will it take for YouTube to update my video so I can monetize it and also when will they take away my copyright strike?

Also will my video be picked back up in the algorithm again? Because it's currently stuck at 731,122 views and has not changed at all.
Figure out where Youtube headquarters are and mail a cease & desist against them. Make sure to reference your case some way in your writings.

Tell them the plantiff already showed they weren't willing to take it to court so you must be rewarded the money from the video. If youtube does not then talk to someone about legal action you can take against Youtube. Youtube does not get to supersede the law.

edit: A whois search on youtube.com might show email information on who to complain to. But I'd snail mail the cease & desist in physical writings to their actual location as well.
I've had this happen to one of my videos. I have YouTube support looking into it. All the other videos I have that were taken down have come back up with the claim gone immediately.