fair use

  1. M

    Can you make videos critical of companies advertising on youtube using their ads?

    I'm interested in creating a few videos criticizing several companies that advertise heavily on youtube. I also would like to use their ads in the video, and possible images from their website? I'm not critical of them for advertising on youtube, I would be pointing out my opinion of why I...
  2. R

    Using Less Than 10% of Copyrighted Content for Reaction Video

    Hi all, I know it's a very tired question and that there is no clear cut answer, but I am just looking for some creator insight. I am working with a commentator for a youtube/igtv series based around analyzing fight choreography in films. We will obviously need to show the scenes for a...
  3. M

    Is a "zodiac signs as vines" video protected under fair use?

    I'm fairly new to YouTube but I gained a quick following because I uploaded two "zodiac signs as vines" videos because I thought it'd be really fun to do. Then I got a bunch of claims from CollabDRM and I think they are making money off of my videos now. My videos actually take quite a long time...
  4. RashadTheCreator

    Reaction Videos - Fair Use Question

    Hey guys! I've recently decided to start doing reaction videos, and i wanted to know what the fair use policy is regarding these videos. Obviously I cant put full episodes of programmes or trailers in my video, but what are the actual grey areas im allowed to operate within? Thanks in advance!
  5. lonrot

    Should I appeal my video for fair use?

    I did a comedy critic about the misogyny of a music genre, which included extremely tiny clips of a song (CUATRO BABYS), this song was also commented and critiqued. There only two parts with this song, here: youtu.be/Y4uikn0wyys?t=59 And here: youtu.be/Y4uikn0wyys?t=234 The funny part is that...
  6. Quick Question

    Is it fair use if I review a movie and use the soundtrack from the movie?

    Assuming I was doing it conservatively and not just playing the whole soundtrack openly? Fair use is always arguable so I am just wondering if I would be more in the green than red if I did this. I appreciate any opinions on this, it would really help! Thanks!
  7. buzzcuts

    Saberspark's Globglogabgalab Video Controversy

    Not sure if anyone else is subbed to Saberspark; he recently posted a couple popular review videos about the movie that the globglogabgalab meme originates from. I posted a response to the takedown and just posted another video after the original copyright holder released their email...
  8. buzzcuts

    Why Saberspark's Globglogabgalab Videos Were Removed from YouTube

    Not sure if anyone's been following this issue with the infamous Globglogabgalab, but I think it could have important ramifications for YouTubers.
  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    What Is Fair Use On YouTube? - Copyright Fair Use For Dummies

  10. R

    Question About Fair Use

    Greetings everyone! I've recently decided to start a gaming youtube channel, but the content I want to make will require bits of content from a lot of different games. I'm pretty new to youtube (I haven't actually posted anything yet) so I don't exactly know what falls under fair use. For...
  11. C

    videos with famous songs lyrics

    I was about to post the video but it's not allowed. I want to post a video to show the lyrics of a song and show the lyrics translation piece by piece without the audio of the song. I posted a video like that 2 days ago and it hasn't been taking down yet (it has 200 views) - is it against the...
  12. ThisisJericho

    Dancers FAIR USE

    Anyone a dancer, choreographer, or performer here? I want to ask how do you fair use your dance playing with a popular song without getting a copyright strike. I see some youtubers doing this, but not sure if they are monetizing. If anyone experience this before, please help
  13. JustDestiny

    i won my copyright case

    Okay so about 2 weeks ago (Aug 22) I uploaded a video and a company called "The Hollywood fix" falsely claimed my video and started monetizing it with ads. I started to dispute it and stated that my video fell under "Fair use" but the "Hollywood fix" deemed it theirs to claim. (keep in mind this...
  14. ApexTV

    Collab Copyright Claims

    Hey everyone, I'm making this thread to tell you guys about my experience with a company called Collab. So they recently made copyright claims on several of my videos. And it's very interesting that they only claim some of my most popular videos, all having over a million views. I immediately...
  15. Pop Guru

    Copyright free images and videos/ Fair use

    For copyright free images and videos I go to "Creative Commons", from there pic google images, YouTube, pixabay and more. Now, in my videos I use cut scenes of films to get a point or make a puchline, I credit the film, I also only use so many seconds, so the total is 95% original content and...
  16. T

    Info on Copyright and Fair Use.

    Hello there, Recently I have been watching few funny Family Guy clips on youtube, but then I got curious and wondered if these types of channels that upload these 2-5 minute clips get paid? They get a ton of subscribers 50-100k and most of the videos that are released on same day get about...
  17. Quick Question

    Is my video protected under fair use? - Parody, educational, benefits the market

    Please see my signature video about Game of Thrones. (If you're short on time see below) It's basically a rap song about Game of Thrones, making fun of it and what happens in it. I answer a question, Who's died in Game of Thrones, thus informing people (Does that count?), I use footage from the...
  18. hearty394

    My YouTube Banner...Is It Ok To Use It?

    So, I drew a YouTube banner (which obviously needs to be edited and colored and what not, haha.) Anyways, as you can see, it features recognizable things and characters. Reason being is that I plan to have a channel talking about things from our childhood as well as some current things. Is it ok...
  19. S

    Is this considered fair use?

    Hi, I'm new here and not sure if I'm doing this right but here it goes... I just put up a video doing a recap of the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars. I have used a piece of their intro in my video but I put emojis over their faces in one part and put my face over one of the...
  20. AM2PM

    Fair use? Extreme mashup of 2 films.

    This video is a mashup of Back to the Future and Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure. It has been claimed by a copyright owner for both the video and the music. This mashup goes beyond cutting the scenes together and actually cuts the characters out and puts them together on screen. Would I be...
  21. RoboSapien

    Educational Material and Copyright

    Hi there. It's my first post here although I've been reading this forum for couple months now. I'm starting a YT channel tomorrow (educational/entertainment material - spanish YouTube) and there's this copyright thing I can't understand. I've read the official Google's Fair Use explanation, but...
  22. joegio13

    Am I ok under fair use?

    I create tutorial videos for a software called MoHo 12. The tutorials are a compilation that leads to a movie/game review that utilizes said content. So it's like you get a "making of" video, followed by the video. Currently, I am working on Disney/Pixar's UP. I really started thinking about...
  23. Gary High-Fruit

    Clips under 20 seconds, + clips for commentary/education

    I had an upload blocked (contentID) for an 11 second clip of the Olympics. One problem is, I have to re author and re upload a 17 minute video when such a small clip should be allowed. Also, I do commentary/education, and it helps to show the viewers clips. (it helps audience retention...
  24. D

    How do YT News Channels work.?? How are they legal?

    Hey everyone, I have a couple questions I was hoping someone could help me out with. I have tried to understand the fair use thing and sometimes it's easy to figure out and others it's not. Another thing I am wondering about are news channels.. Lets talk about a news channels for a sec. I'm...
  25. Factually True

    What counts as transformative use?

    "A derivative work is transformative if it uses a source work in completely new or unexpected ways." - A Quick Google Search I was wondering if there are any experts on this subject here. I've researched a bit but this seems like a sort of gray area so maybe it's easier to just ask. I make...
  26. That BioMechanical Dude

    Alert the government about the Fair Use issue!

    OK, some of you may know that we can alert the U.S. government to look into the whole copyright claim bulls**t that has been going on. But we have only 14 Hours left! https://www.takedownabuse.org/#save-fair-use We might have a chance at actually starting to fix YouTube and end the companies'...
  27. Z

    Is this fair use or does it break copyright?

    Well I am only wondering because this happened to my videos. I have heard other people who have had their videos directly stolen and someone just put it into a compilation video and then that's apparently covered by "fair use" etc. I find that personally bad since it makes it so that people...
  28. Shehzad

    Fair Use & Reaction Channels - My Explanation & RWJ Court Case

    What's up guys I discuss the factors of fair use under DMCA Law section 107 and try to analyse Fair Use on the four factors, talk about reaction channels and also what RWJ's court case means for us as YouTubers. Leave below any criticism or anything that I have missed, make sure to reference...
  29. That BioMechanical Dude

    Video Game Adaptations

    Let's say I wanted to make an animated adaptation of a retro video game and upload it to YouTube. Now, adaptation is a very broad term, so here are the specifications: this would be an animation, created mostly using the game's sprites, backgrounds and other graphics. As the name suggests, this...
  30. X

    Making videos with copyrighted songs

    Hello! I want to start a non-profit channel just for entertainment purposes, with my videos containing copyrighted songs. They would be something like music videos but in my case a copyrighted song would be just accompanying the story I shot to convey my point (for some reason I can't post a...