fair use

  1. kluless

    Is Using Trailers Fair Use? How to Credit

    Hey, guys, I have a gaming channel, and I wanted to do a comparison between the first in a series (Dishonored) and its sequel (Dishonored 2). I think using the trailer of the second game, Dishonored 2, in my video would fall under the Fair Use policy because it makes sense that I need it to make...

    Is this protected under fair use? I think it is!

    Hi, my name is SYKODRUMMER and I make drum covers of famous songs. Before I put my channel back up, this channel was deleted out of anger because of this story: One day I decided to make a drum cover of adventure of a lifetime by coldplay. A few hours after the video was put up the audio was...
  3. KidCom

    A Fair Use case. Does Fair Use apply here ?

    Hi, I upload a video of me talking over a portion of the Batman v Superman trailer #2 (the most recent one). Basically I replaced the dialogue with the one I come up with to make fun of the conversation between Clark and Bruce at the beginning of the trailer. The video was later claimed by "MC...
  4. Norfe

    Pictures in video

    Hey, this question just popped into my head. For educational/blog videos with lots of pictures from say... Google images for example, would you still be able to monetize those videos? I've noticed that lots of images I use in my videos can possibly be not for commercial use. If I were to ever...