How do YT News Channels work.?? How are they legal?


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Hey everyone,

I have a couple questions I was hoping someone could help me out with. I have tried to understand the fair use thing and sometimes it's easy to figure out and others it's not. Another thing I am wondering about are news channels..

Lets talk about a news channels for a sec. I'm not talking about CNN or mainstream news outlets.. more like TYT (The Young Turks). I'm sure some of you are familiar with this channel. What they do on TYT is say they are news, yet all they do is read other news outlets news articles and then monetize them. They talk about what is said in the article and add in their opinions but they don't actually do any journalism themselves. They just read articles from Huntington post and other major news outlets, slap ads on it and make money off it.

Same goes for gaming news channels. For instance check out MundaneMatt. He shows screenshots from web pages and reads the articles. So many gaming news channels do this. They add their opinions and talk a bit about it but they are just reading other peoples content. Is this legal? Is this allowed? Can I do this?

If it's legal and allowed - how is that a thing? They are just using other peoples work and making money off it. The original creators of the articles get absolutely nothing from these videos.. it just seems immoral, like taking credit or money for someone elses work. Am I wrong? If I am wrong I am going to just start reading news articles and then monetizing it like everyone else.. until the news outlets go bankrupt I guess..

Next is about fair use.

If I am using someones work in a review or something like that, thats fair use.. But what about people who will be talking about one thing and then refer to something totally unrelated. Is that fair use?

What if I am talking about how I like pizza hut pizza. Can I then show video of the ninja turtles eating pizza?
Or if I am talking about how I like WW2 games. Can I then show video from Saving Private Ryan to show what war is like
If so.. why? I would assume no, however, I see so many people doing this type of thing. Is it even legal? Is it copyright infringement?

Thanks, hope some of you can help me understand this. I don't break rules and I don't do things that aren't allowed, so before I post any videos I want to make sure I don't do anything that is breaking rules or immoral.
Why did you take News channels as an example, you should have taken Reaction Channels as an example.

And this is the real* definition for fair use:
If you don't get caught by ContentID and the real content creator, you may steal videos.