Fair use? Extreme mashup of 2 films.


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This video is a mashup of Back to the Future and Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure. It has been claimed by a copyright owner for both the video and the music. This mashup goes beyond cutting the scenes together and actually cuts the characters out and puts them together on screen. Would I be able to win a Copyright dispute for this? If yes, how would I?

I am not allowed to post the video here, but this is the YouTube video id if you'd like to watch.

I've seen lots of videos that recut trailers for movies, but mine is different. I basically rotoscoped Bill and Ted out and put them in a bunch of scenes with Marty McFly. It's called Back to Bill & Ted's Future.

I thought it would be ok, but content ID picked it up instantly. Could I win a dispute?[DOUBLEPOST=1486501096,1486501050][/DOUBLEPOST]This is on a different channel of mine, called Mr. Durden's Opus. I also have a mashup of Fight Club and Mr. Robot.