1. RyanSoanes

    Music Vocalist & Guitarist seeking collab

    Hey guys, the title kind of speaks for its self but I am looking to collab with some people. I tried to link my videos for you all to see but it wouldn't let me, if you are interested in seeing what you would be working with get in contact with me :) I am happy to do anything acoustic or...
  2. Noob Gamer

    Gaming Fun,

    Currently looking for people to collab with for fun, not too intensive games like COD/Battlefield. Ideally, you'd be up for games like Ultimate Chicken Horse amongst other games. Get in touch!
  3. TheKillaaah

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with on PS4 & PC (200+ Subs)

    PLS NO LITTLE KIDS OR SQUEAKY VOICES LOL I want to collab with someone that is Chill Af. Must be at least 14+ years i guess but i dont want to play with little kid screaming into their mic with a squeaky voice lol. It doesn't matter if you have a funny or weird laugh because i do too, I can...
  4. Allison Chambers

    Beauty/Makeup Want to do a collab?

    Hey guys my name is Allison! I'm looking to connect with more people in the YouTube community and I want to do a collab!! I make beauty, lifestyle,comedy, and fashion videos Please comment if you are interested and you can also email me at Type makeupisahobbie07 into...
  5. JEJ

    Let it Go Cover (James Bay)- Jej Millanes (looking for future COLLAB)

    Hi guys! I'm new to this community and I'm an aspiring youtuber. Please check out my cover of Let it Go by James Bay and let me know what you think! P.S. I live in the LA area and I'm looking for future collaborations with producers, vocalists, songwriters, filmmakers, and instrumentalists...
  6. Mehek Ridwan Miah

    Gaming Group of YouTubers

    So i'm thinking of gathering a bunch of YT so we can all help each other out and have a better chance of growing. If you are interested please reply and let me know ;) REQUIREMENTS: -Xbox One (FIFA, GTA, CALL OF DUTY) -PC -Twiter to DM (My Username- @MehekRGamer Also if anyone would like to...
  7. Kieran TV

    Gaming Collab Here- Looking For Xbox One YouTubers! Kieran TV

    Hi, my name is Kieran TV. I am a 13 year old YouTuber, Gamer and Year 8 Student. I am looking for collaborations. If you want to collaborate with me and make videos here are the guidelines: 200+ Subs Must have an Xbox One Between age 11-14 (I am 13) No use of sub4sub Looking to do dual...
  8. Edward Camera Hands

    Meet Up/Gathering ANY LOS ANGELES VLOGGERS??!

    Okay. So I'm becoming more and more serious about my channel everyday and I progress. I realize that a lot of people in my life just aren't on the same energy level as me anymore. I want to meet other vloggers in LA so I can collab and brainstorm video ideas with and all around just meet some...
  9. LifeAsEmilee


    My name is Emilee and I have a vlog channel. I sit in front of my camera and talk or do a skit. I'm looking for other vloggers to collab with. We can do any video idea you have or we come up with one together. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers or around 400 active viewers. The easiest way...
  10. Eyezak

    Gaming Looking For Minecraft Collaborations

    Hello! I'm currently looking for Minecraft collaborations as I am a minecraft channel, and I got over 800+ subscribers (Almost 900), I'm 16 years of age. My channel is around the PvP genre of Minecraft, but I am looking to branch out to other areas, it would be great to have up as it would add...
  11. AdonisBlood

    Gaming PC Gaming, Looking to make new friends as.

    How ya doin everybody? My name is Josh and I recently started to make more content for my gaming channel. Just built a PC so now i can enjoy the master race of gaming (; Looking to meet new people to either just talk to and watch each others content or to even collaborate with. My channel is...
  12. FraYoshi

    Vlog Last Week of Life [collab]

    What would You do if this was your Last Week of Life? WHAT TO DO record a video explainin' what would You do during the week :pompus: it should be a video, animation or anything you are confortable with :geek2: RULES No Music in background; No copyrighted contents (i.e. film scenes...
  13. FraYoshi

    YouTube Italia wish a MERRY XMAS!!

  14. O

    Gaming looking for a pc/xbox one collaboration partner(s)

    hey everyone that sees this i have been posting a lot but I want another person to have more fun. Pc i will be doing Minecraft GMOD and mostly anything just ask me Xbox- I am mostly gonna focus on call of duty most fps and possible smite and more msg back if interested
  15. Toys Realm

    Animation Looking for partners!

    My channel: Last 28 days views: 11.000 Last 28 days watch time: 18.000 min Subscribers: 352 About what Toys Realm was born from the idea of bringing joy and happiness for kids from around the world. Doesn't matter if you like to play with Lego, kinder eggs, cars, barbie dolls, play doh, little...
  16. FraYoshi

    How to YouTube Captions by Others

    Do You Wanna Translate a video for a YouTuber you are subscribed or wanna let a friend to translate yours? In this video....... how to do it! (in my, not so perfect, english :angelic2: ) Hope this helps!!!! :rolleyes: .: FraYoshi :.
  17. Devin Spell

    Gaming Excite Gaming Group

    Excite Gaming is a skype group for meeting new content creators, collabing, getting feedback, and networking. I look for quality content creators, good reviewers, graphic designers, good networkers, etc. Join link: (www) << Had to remove dots to post
  18. Plankiliar

    Other Collaboration For The Whole Youtube Career!

    I Need Collaborations For Any Stuffs Like Making Thumbnails, Do a Gameplay With, Have Fun With, Be Famous With. :) So There's Alot Of Reason Why I Want To Collab With You! Information::devil: Location: Philippines Age: 13 Gender: Boy We can Talk At Skype! Just Message Me And Lets Talk.:yttalk...
  19. S

    Comedy Collab wanted!!

    Comment below your username and lets work out a public prank and post 2 versions on each others channels. Preferably living in las vegas if not then we can still work something out. Lets grow our channels!!!
  20. cutgrassandlawncare

    Other i am looking for Collaborations on

    i am looking for Collaborations
  21. Bryan S

    Gaming Templars of Hyrule, Pvp Challenge Faceoff, World Building and More!

    Still looking for a few people to join me and my boyfriend on a custom map called Templars of Hyrule, PvP Challenge Faceoff map that I made, and someone to play with us on a world we are building, or just friends for casual minecraft! Minecraft Username: Waytodawn2291 & Twobecomeone2377...
  22. Rhys Ager

    Vlog Looking for Collaborations with other Youtubers!

    Hello, I'm a new Youtuber with 150 Subs so far! I'm looking to take my channel further by collaborating with other youtubers all around the world! I live in the UK (Romford Essex/ London), so any UK Youtubers who are interested then please let me know. For everyone outside of the UK I will...