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Hey guys, the title kind of speaks for its self but I am looking to collab with some people.

I tried to link my videos for you all to see but it wouldn't let me, if you are interested in seeing what you would be working with get in contact with me :)

I am happy to do anything acoustic or anything rock if it is me writing something original, if not I am happy to cover anything I can sing really and I am happy to sing vocals for peoples dubstep mix's or whatever also :)

Get in contact if you wanna get to know me and talk about ideas!
I'd defiantly be up for something in the future! Let me know and I'll send you my skype and we can get chatting :)
Hey there, I'm not really a musical artist but I have plans to parody Spandau Ballet's Gold song after I recorded some games of Rocket League with two friends. I'm kinda looking around for people to possibly create music similar to the song, but at the same time being original to avoid copyright strikes.

Anyway not sure if it interests you, but if it does just say and I'll add you on Skype. 8)
I think you are really good and i too am looking to do a collab check out my page and let me know what you think. I don't play anything i just sing. Hit me up it you would like to work together
Hi, I am a singer and interested in the collab. Let me know if you want to Skype.


Hi and welcome to YTtalk. :)

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