1. LemonJoosh

    Gaming LemonLands! - The Collaborative Minecraft Java Server!

    Hey all you new recruits/potential lemons! Are you looking for a Minecraft Gaming Group? Look no further! Welcome to LemonLands! LemonLands is a Minecraft Java server run by the popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber: LemonJoosh! LemonLands is a 'HermitCraft' type server where players are in...
  2. S

    Animation Looking for Animator(s)

    I want to start making 2 to 3 minute web toons for YouTube, but I need an animator or animators to help me with the production part. I'll do the storyboards and I am in the process of looking for a writer. I can't promise anything financially, but if you want to flex your creative muscles for a...
  3. BreMoffatt

    Looking for collabs! ✨

    Hi everyone, my name is Bre. My YouTube channel is Bre Moffatt, I’m a very small and relatively new channel with 3,800 views and 50 subscribers but I’m hoping to branch out and collab with some of y’all! If anyone likes: Disney Horror Paranormal Conspiracy Theories Fashion Abandoned places...
  4. MattDB


    Looking for vloggers in Vancouver and surrounding area to meetup and shoot a collaboration video, msg me or email me. m.db @ me. com
  5. D

    Gaming Looking for people to do a comedy video in Garrys mod, Minecraft or other games.

    Looking for people to do a comedy video in Garrys mod, Minecraft or other games. We would have a fun time and we would record for both channels if wanted! Add me on discord
  6. Music Master

    Looking For Collabs!

    Hello, my name is Kyle! My channel has started to boost off a little bit. My channel ( is mainly a music channel. It is called "Music Master". I mostly do Instagram/Mood/Lyric edits. If you do not know what those are, just go take a quick peek at my channel...
  7. Cleo Nash

    Vlog Want To Be Collab Partners?

    Hey, my name is Cleo! My channel on youtube is Cleo's Closet. Although I mainly focus on Vlogs, Health, and Hauls I am open to suggestions for collabs. I'm looking for someone who has similar content to mine, but if it isn't, I am open to suggestions for videos! :) Thanks for taking the time to...
  8. Relarin

    Gaming Hey, looking for good collabs, must be 11+ or older

    Hi my names Relarin and I have 42 subs and I’m looking for someone to make friends with and make videos with Comment if your interested, you can reach me at ether my Discord Relarin#5323 Or at my channel Relarin
  9. Martika

    Vlog Houston Newbie looking to collab online. Lets do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, and more.

    Houston TX Newbie looking to collab online/in person. Let's get together to do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, Q&A, and more. I'm a single mom looking to build a friendship via YT or in person. Let's get creative, have fun, and build a family you guys. Open to suggestion. Lets work together. XO
  10. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking for people to join our Xbox recording group or people just to collab with.

    Hi, I started my channel a while ago but have been unable to really progress because I’m not a huge fan of solo games and no one I know really plays much. Recently, I have a few videos prepared which I’ll be posting in the next few weeks so although my channel doesn’t look like much now, soon...
  11. Pat The Rat

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Do Some Collaborations With From Time To Time

    Hey everyone, I’m 19, and I’m a very new youtuber been at it about 2 weeks and a half. I have a relatively low subscriber count but I feel like my content is constantly getting better. I do gameplay/commentary montages where I splice clips up that I found funny so it’s not a “let’s play” and I...
  12. D

    Gaming Looking For Youtbers Streamers and Gamers (PC)

    Hello im a small youtuber with 45 subs and im the owner of a discord group! Im looking for people who want to have fun, play games, and do collabs! if you want to join all you have to do is have a ok mic, be minimum of 13 yrs old atleast 1 video every 1-2 weeks and be active. either join...
  13. S

    Gaming Looking for long term collabs(1k subs at least)

    Hey all, I am looking to rebuild my 5k channel after going inactive for some time. Im trying to find someone who will do long term collabs with me. Following requirements are that you must have at least 1k subs, have decent equipment, based in U.S, and at least 17 years old. Please email me if...
  14. ConnorGabbitus

    Vlog UK Midlands Vloggers... UNITE!

    HOOOWWW DOOO?! Hey everyone, Just wondering how many vloggers are out there in the Birmingham/Worcestershire area that's either just starting out or found their feet that would like to collab. I'm a pretty small YouTuber with only 211 subscribers but I reckon if all us small people pull...
  15. Dutchie Abroad

    Dummies guide to collaborations

    Hello everyone!~ Collaborations, everyone wants to do them, yet almost nobody ever does them. I personally think this is because a lot of people have a wrong approach to asking for collaborations. So I decided to write a short guide on what the do’s and don’ts are considering setting up...
  16. Abdullahx9000

    Gaming Rainbow Six Siege Collaboration!

    I am Abdullahx9000, 16 years old, mostly in good humor and have around 680 Subscribers on YouTube. I am seeking other People around my age or older and with the same Channel interests aswell as Quality. I mostly play Rainbow Six Siege nowadays, also remember, I only pay for FUN! =]...
  17. M

    Vlog Anyone in Minnesota looking to create?

    Anyone in Minnesota looking to create?
  18. Olivia's Catastrophe

    Vlog Looking for Collaborations with: vloggers, booktubers or yogis!

    Hi! I'm Olivia from Olivia's Catastrophe. I have about 620 subscribers and am looking to do collab videos with other youtubers. I am located in the United Kingdom, Warwickshire, and am willing to travel a bit out of the area to collaborate. I am mostly free on weekends. I am looking to...
  19. C

    Gaming A

  20. Crazy Boyfriends

    Vlog WANTED: Gay Couples Youtubers!!

    Hey there! We are a steadily growing Youtube channel and we're looking to do collaborations with other gay Youtuber couples in the New York City or Long Island region. If you live in the area or plan on visiting here then please let us know. We don't care about age at all. Channel size doesn't...
  21. Mastertv

    Animation Any animator willing to grow with me?

    I am a very passionate artist in many aspects looking for people to help them grow and vice versa. Please. if you want to collab contact me. You wont regret it. Cheers.
  22. M

    Music Save My Soul (original music and original music video)

    Any musicians interested in collaborating to make music that'd be along these lines? Both covers and originals are up for options. Both the music and the video have been done by me. Looking forward to some replies!
  23. ChillKing

    Gaming Channel collab for PC.

    soooo, started my channel a week ago and i am looking for a bunch of guys ( 17 and above) to record with me. the requirements are as follows: 1- must be 17 years or older 2- must have decent microphone 3- must be funny and talks alot but no racist jokes ( CONTENT SON) 4- have CSGO, garry's mod...
  24. D

    Gaming Collaborations [PC]

    Am looking for someone to collab with...I play PUBG,CS-GO,Overwatch Mainly But I have a lot of games
  25. Bammer213

    Gaming PC Collabs

    Hey all! I am new to YouTube and am looking for someone to collab with. I'd prefer someone around my age (16) and in the US. If you live somewhere we might be able to work something out. I only have 5 subs atm but I've only posted 10 vids. I've only done minecraft so far but am willing to...
  26. ManyAbnormalities

    Gaming Looking for PS4 and PC Gamers to Collaborate with!!

    Hai! My channel is a shared channel that consists of 2-3 members and we make videos together- A variation of games in videos and livestreams, we only started a week ago and we already have an active subscriber base of 47 people and going up EVERY DAY! If you would be willing to expand your game...
  27. Crum

    Gaming FIFA 17 and Overwatch (Xbox One)

    How is it going ladies and gentleants! Currently looking for a collab on either FIFA or Overwatch for Xbox One. Need a decent mic Not bothered about channel size, just if content is good quality! Comment on my channel or get in touch on Twitter if interested! Cheers lads :D Twitter: @crumhd
  28. DoctorBlue99

    Short Film GTA5 Xbox One Body Actors Wanted

    Hi there, I just want to clarify that this isn't a film but more a show although I'm not sure there's a show section on here :p I'm making a show of sorts on GTA5 and I need body actors to help bring the dream to life. I need as many people as I can get, it's a good oppurtunity for some...
  29. JaxShadow

    Gaming Looking for long term Collab Partners

    Hey everyone, I'm a fairly fresh start for youtube, however I have over 60+ videos that are over a vast majority of games. Recently Paragon, Horizon Zero Dawn, Watch Dogs2, and more. I would like to find another youtuber that is willing to make joint series that would expand both of our...
  30. Jack Barrott

    Gaming Looking for collabs?

    Hey, so like I said, I'm looking for people interested in collabing in some videos, If you check out my channel you can see the kind of content I create, but I'm open to playing a wide variety of games on pretty much any platform. I'm able to play on Xbox, PC and Wii U, so if you're interested...