1. D

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators! (16+)

    (deleting content for privacy reasons)
  2. OriginalNex

    Vlog ONTV Hangouts (Podcast like video/audio) *COLLABS*

    Hello Fellow Surfers, Do you want to collaborate with a YouTuber but might be from another city or area where you can't always travel, well for those who can and can't travel just for everyone who is interested in collaborating, my channel has a new weekly upload called ONTV Hangouts where I...
  3. B

    Gaming Looking to make some Youtube Collabs!

    Ayoo! So I just created a gaming channel and basically have 3 subs. I am in my second year of university so by the end of my 3rd year Ill see where I am and if I want to continue. Before you continue check out my video to see if your are into my type of videos. Anyway I am looking for people...
  4. Plembi

    Gaming Long term partnership collaborating (funny moments?)

    Real talk, I don't care about the amount of subscribers you have or whatever, and I hope people that collab with me don't come in with the same mindset. Just want to have a good time and play some fun games, and that doesn't include Minecraft heh Requirements: - Australian internet - (It's...
  5. SkyDaNinja

    Gaming Looking for new youtubers to record with!

    Hello, I'm SkyDaNinja and I'm looking for some new youtubers to record with as it says in the title. Please be from 11 to 14 years and I have 4 subs so it doesnt matter how many subs or views you have and also have a sense of humour, we could play many games, like Minecraft, Gmod, Gang Beasts...
  6. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtube gamers!

    We are five friends that work on this Youtube channel together. Our full Youtube Channel name is Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts (KOTCH for short). We also go by our knight names: Sir Bloodstream - Roger Sir Rapturous - Christopher Sir Strangerspast - Austin Sir Sinister - Anthony Sir Chaddical...
  7. L

    Vlog Collaborations in Missouri or northern Arkansas?

    I am a smaller youtube vlogging channel and ive been vlogging for about 7-8 months now and im trying to grow my channel and help others grow theirs. Even if you aren't from missouri, let me know if youre down to collab and we can make it happen
  8. RenOperative

    Gaming My final collaboration search for passionate gamers to join a gaming group, gaming podcast or both

    Welp as the title suggests this is it. I think this will be the last search I probably ever do on here as my group is starting to wind down on searches for unique gamers that fit the bill with the description. If you want to search us up on YouTube just look for "The Co-Operative Experience."...
  9. Maarij Bashir

    Have any of you guys struggled to find a collaborator?

    I've struggled many times to find vocalists who want to collaborate. However. I'm so grateful to find one here on this forum who was active, passionate, and talented. I've got to collaborate with him and it was successful. Other than that I've struggled to find other vocalists. There are many...
  10. Maarij Bashir

    Music Any Female country singers out there?

    So, I'll be honest I listen to country music (since I'm a Texan :D). I listen to Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Reba McEntire, and many more (too much to name). So I was wondering if there are any singers who can sing country. Particularly I'm looking for a female country vocalist, but male vocalists...
  11. Nichole Danbi

    Beauty/Makeup I need a collab partner for a Halloween DIY Treats video? Or Like a Fall DIY something video!:)

    Hey everyone, Anyone want to collab w me? I have 49 subscribers, but let's make dreams happen:)! Just let me know:)
  12. Jaime Salai

    Vlog Vlogtober and Future Collabs

    Hello, everyone! I'm a new youtube and I've decided to participate in vlogtober. I'm looking for other youtubers interested in doing collabs, both during October and throughout the year. I do storytimes, tags, vlogs, and beauty. Would any of you be interested? Email:
  13. UltraNationOfficial

    Gaming >We're looking to Collaborate! Wanna' join us? (PC & PlayStation Exclusive)< Let's have a Laugh! xD

    Hey everyone! xD Are you looking for real-friends to collaborate with? so are we! We're aiming high-in-the-sky! for some beautiful people to join us on our quest to entertain the world; whilst having a laugh too (of course!) :winkphones: Don't be shy. We're looking for people who won't just sit...
  14. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Xbox One Collaborations (+Rant)

    Hi Everyone I'd like to collaborate with any Xbox One Youtubers but and I might sound mean for saying this but I've collaborated with a lot of people before and I'm just so sick of them not having the right equipment. Not having the right equipment can severely mess up any recordings and the...
  15. GamerTye

    Gaming Funny Collaborations

    You guys!? I recently got into some youtube and my first two videos were kind of just watch and move on, but my third video had a bunch of comedy and I find that much more entertaining than my first two. I'll do a lot of minecraft minigame videos, along with gmod, csgo, ark survival evolved etc...
  16. T

    Youtube Channel from around the world!

    Hi there! My name is Hadi, I'm 15, and I'm looking to start a Youtube channel with people from all around the world! It doesn't matter where you are, your age, or anything! (As long as you try not to murder me or anything xD). I'm saying, why not a group? I'm looking for up to 5...
  17. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Looking for XB1 regular collabing partner/group

    Hi guys! First of all hope you're all doing awesome but today I wanted to say that I'm looking for a friend(s) who I can regularly collaborate with on Xb1 and not just a one off thing. I'm 18 so I prefer if you're around my age, and you need to be able to access skype and have a decent mic. I...
  18. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Xbox One Collab

    Hi guys! I'm looking for some new people to collab with, I have a fair few multiplayer games and I hope to meet some entertaining and relaxed people who can chill and record if we need to. I'm on Xbox One and you need to have a Skype and a decent quality microphone. My games: Halo 5 Guardians...
  19. S

    Gaming Looking for Collaborations on XBOX ONE, (BO3, FIFA16, MINECRAFT)

    Hey guys so im just looking for someone to do some collaborations with on youtube, i currently have 22 subscribers, and am quite excited about it, should be good fun! if youre interested just lemme know! :D
  20. VoltiacYT

    Gaming Looking for People to Make PC Gaming Videos With ;)

    Hey everybody! My name is Harrison, and I make dank content on youtube. I have recently created a new channel and am wanting to take it to the next level. So, Im looking for OTHER people to be in the videos. Games I Have (If you have at least 3, and pass the requirments below, reply!): - Far...
  21. EmmanuelJolly

    Other Art Collaborations!

    My name is Emmanuel and i run an Art YouTube channel. I make ''How To Draw'' videos and i was looking for people that upload similar content to mine. I'm looking for people to collaborate with, if you don't upload ''How To Draw'' videos but your content is Art related, i would still be very...
  22. OMGItsGuppey

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with on PC/PS4!

    I am looking for gamers to collab with on PC and PS4. Here is what I am looking for exactly - At least 13 years of age or older - High quality gaming content on your channel (subscriber count does not matter) - You need to have these games: PC: Gmod, Who's Your Daddy, and Minecraft PS4: Black...
  23. DanDaSimmer

    Best COLLAB ideas?

    Hey everyone, My friend and I both run YouTube channels and in the next few days we're going to collab and film a video for each of our channels. Previously on his channel we played a game where we pulled as many questions out of the hat in a minute and we had to answer each question but lie...
  24. TheBeardedJ

    Meet Up/Gathering Meet up in Leicester or anywhere in UK

    Any Leicester based YouTuber or anywhere in the UK where we can get together and make a sketch as well future videos together. Check my YouTube channel 'TheBeardedJ'
  25. FraYoshi

    YouCollab to collaborate

    This brand new (upcoming) app seems very interesting! I made a video about It :) I've been invited to the beta test that will start at 16th of June, following the link in the infobox of YouTube, will join the beta too ^^
  26. Morfe


    Yo what up you wankers. My name is Morfe (also known as Dank Memes Master 9001) and I looking to start the dankest gaming group around. The purpose of this group is to a group of people to consistently play games with and grow together. I don't care about subs, I care about personality, quality...
  27. CupieCakez

    Beauty/Makeup Let's Collab! I do Beauty Makeup, SFX, & MORE!

    Hi, I am a fun, creative, crazy girl passionate for the arts. I am a certified professional makeup artist based in Las Vegas USA. NEW YouTuber Looking for friends in the YouTube Community to grow with doing Makeup, Vlogs, Lifestyle, anything Art related vids! I would LOVE to collaborate with...
  28. Aspo

    Gaming Calling to all committed YouTubers!

    Elloooo. My names Baxtor (even if it says Aspo.... YTTalk, help me out plz). I'm nearly 17 and upload to YouTube nearly every day, I also stream. Anyway, today I'm here to post if there's any YouTubers that consistently upload, are committed, and have a solid understanding of how YouTube...
  29. Ven

    Gaming Content Creators Group (PC,PS4 and XBox One)

    Welcome! This thread is for content creators who are gamers, you can be any console (PC,PS4 or XBox One) No such requirements are needed at the moment Just: Age 16+ Active Youtube account. Must have skype What will you gain from this? As content creators we will collaborate with each other so...
  30. TK29

    Gaming PC Collab

    I would love to collab with awesome and funny people :) Youtube-TK29 Some of the Steam PC games i have: Rocket League CS GO Shellshock Live Requirements: 14+ Skype Preferably in Asia Be awesome and funny