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Hello everyone!~

Collaborations, everyone wants to do them, yet almost nobody ever does them. I personally think this is because a lot of people have a wrong approach to asking for collaborations. So I decided to write a short guide on what the do’s and don’ts are considering setting up collabs.

What is a collaboration?

A collaboration is the co-operation of two creators. This can have many, many forms and how you fill in the details really depends on what kind of videos you make.

Creators with a creative medium, such as music or art, can often quite easily collaborate over long distances by using Skype or other social mediums. Gamers could collab over a long distance as well, using screen capture and Discord.

However, there are also a lot of collaborations that can only happen face to face, which is often a large hurdle for people due to distance or social constraints.

How can I get into a collaboration?

This question is easy to answer, but hard to execute correctly. You just ask. But this is where my list of do’s and don’ts comes into play.


- Find a creator with the same niche/subject as your channel.

- Get to know the creator first.

- Engage in their community; watch their videos and comment on them.

- Reach out to them via private messaging, either on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media they use.

- Explain WHAT the collab is you have in mind and HOW you would want to execute it.

- Be patient. They might not have time to respond right away.

- Respond swiftly to their reaction. You initiated the conversation, so don’t keep them waiting.

- Be polite and understanding if they rather not collaborate. It’s their choice and they might have personal reasons for not wanting to collab.


- Send everyone you come across a message asking for collabs.

- Ask ‘Wanna collab?’ without any specification.

- Spam a person multiple times on different media. Choose one way to communicate, don’t send them messages on all their social media platforms.

- Leave them hanging! I see so many people asking for collabs, but after that they never respond to anyone who is actually interested.

- Get mad when they don’t want to collab. It’s probably nothing personal and it’s someone’s own choice if they want to do it or not.

So there you have it, my do’s and don’ts for asking and initiating collaborations. Have you done the don’ts more than once? Then you might want to adjust your strategy. Have you never asked someone for a collab? Then I hope my do’s were helpful.

Keep creating and get collabbing!
This thing especially drives me up the wall, you won't believe how many times it happens.
Same, it is so annoying. Also because they just about always are random people as well. 'Hey, you have no idea who I am, but wanna collab? I have no idea what or how and I won't respond anyway after this.' That's what 'wanna collab' means in my eyes xD
Great Advice!
Some people like to email you saying "i have a collab in mind with you, heres my skype, add me and we will discuss" or something.

Like why would I go to the effort of adding you, or emailing back when you have offered literally nothing. not even a teaser of your idea lmao.