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I'm currently looking for Minecraft collaborations as I am a minecraft channel, and I got over 800+ subscribers (Almost 900), I'm 16 years of age. My channel is around the PvP genre of Minecraft, but I am looking to branch out to other areas, it would be great to have up as it would add more variety. I just came back recently and I'm already uploading daily, uploaded four videos straight over the course of the past few days.

Sub and view counts don't matter, I'm just looking for some other people to record with. It's hard to find people these days.

If interested, either shoot me an email (, reply to this thread, or send me a PM. Link me your channel, and the reason why you want to collab, along with that, add some stuff about you, you don't have go deep, I understand everyone has their personal space and I respect it.

Anyways, thanks for reading, hope to record with you soon!

Im down to play iv bine trying to get in to mini games so i would love to play. and some stuff about me iv played minecraft for a long time and never really played a hole lot of mini games but would love to get into it with some friends. I know i dont have alot of subs but i hope you can look past that.;)
Hey, I'm a new channel but I would be highly interested in doing a collaboration some time. I don't do much pvp stuff but i do quite a lot in the ways of mods, mini-games and redstone. I'm very new to youtube but i think it would be awesome to work with you. PM me if you have any interest ^_^
I'll contact everybody when I have time, thanks for the replies so far!

Yes, I am still interested, so reply or email if interested.
Hey , i'd like to make a video with you! I just started my chanell and i need a little kickstart.
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