Toys Realm

My channel:
Last 28 days views: 11.000
Last 28 days watch time: 18.000 min
Subscribers: 352

About what

Toys Realm was born from the idea of bringing joy and happiness for kids from around the world. Doesn't matter if you like to play with Lego, kinder eggs, cars, barbie dolls, play doh, little pony, batman toys or spider-man toys you will always have a spot in Toys Realm playground.

Feature plans

In 3 months I produced over 40 videos with toys but I quickly understood that I have to come up with an idea that would revolutionize the field because competition is quite fierce.
Content is the key for subscribers... with this idea in mind I started to learn Stop Motion Animation, I know it's not an original idea but is something different.
I`m almost ready to pull the first Lego Stop Motion Animation and then 1 new video every week.

What I bring in project

Toys Research
Buying All Toys with my own money
Video production 1080p with Stop Motion elements
(DSRL + Custom filming Studio) - continuous light, custom white background, DSLR + 2 macro lenses
Video editing: (Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After Effects for frame blending - Adobe Premiere Pro)
Thumbnail editing
Tube Buddy Star

What I need from my partner?

He or She must be Passionate.
He or She must be Serious.
He or She must believe in the project idea.
He or She must love kids and toys - is not always about the money, is about making kids happy.
Strong English knowledge.
Being able to write a summary of what is in the video and an optimized seo title.
Strong knowledge of YouTube SEO : Keyword Research, Tag Research, annotations, cards, social media(facebook, twitter) - TubeBuddy is a plus and a well needed tool.
Strong knowledge of YouTube in general : upload, maintain, analytics.
Facebook upload and maintain fan page.

What I offer

50% of the revenue generated by the videos uploaded by you for life
I will send every toy I film for your kid if you have one :)
I will teach you everything I know about making movies, YouTube SEO and others
I give you the perfect start-up of a business and opportunity to make money from a passion.

Can you trust me?

As I said earlier in life it is not all about money . Although I paid all the toys from my money i will not ask you for anything. I just want someone to believe we can make a living from YouTube, someone I can trust, someone who is serious and passionate and is not afraid of work.

Sorry for my English - leave here your email or give me a message if you are interested.
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Im not personally interest but a friend of mine may well be. They cover the same stuff you do and are great!

Twitter is @SethsToyAdventure
Youtube - sethstoyadventure
I can work with you on this project. I'm really into kids and is looking to work with others. I will support your channel just as much as I support mine.