collab ideas

  1. iFunnyVlogger

    Comedy Anyone want to collaborate?

    Hello! How are y'all doing? I've been wanting to collaborate with someone for some time now. I was wondering if anyone wants to collaborate. I do videos on tech, Minecraft, and stuff like that. I want to collaborate with a channel that does about the same stuff that I do and is family friendly...
  2. ParanoiaOrigins

    Other PS4 Gaming Collaberations Wanted

    About my YouTube Channel My niche - I make gaming videos with my ps4 since i dont have a proper gaming desktop to so. The kind of videos i want to make when i'm collaboration is video games - I would like to make a lot of gaming videos as part of the collaboration and a lot more as we grow...
  3. Ans Marie

    Vlog interested in a collab?

    i'm looking to collab with some youtubers similar to my channel. i like to make advice videos and general vlogs if you are interested in collabing please email or direct message me on insta/twitter (@ansmarieyt)
  4. Seebeard

    Other Game Show Guests Collaboration

    Hey YT creators and fans, My name is David and I'm a host and co-creator for the channel "Hub 32". We're a variety channel focusing recently on our video podcast "The Prime Show", Video Game Challenges and our collaboration debate game show we call "Debate the Hate". We've done 3 episodes of...
  5. Ghoti

    Gaming Looking 4 Collab

    Hey guys. I really want to interact more with fellow YouTuber's on this forum, so I'm interested in collaborating with you guys. Here's the current games I'm interested in collaborating on: World of Warcraft Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Starcraft 2 Dark Souls 2 Endless Legend If you have...
  6. Toys Realm

    Animation Looking for partners!

    My channel: Last 28 days views: 11.000 Last 28 days watch time: 18.000 min Subscribers: 352 About what Toys Realm was born from the idea of bringing joy and happiness for kids from around the world. Doesn't matter if you like to play with Lego, kinder eggs, cars, barbie dolls, play doh, little...
  7. BernieTheTree

    Vlog I have 6000 Subs and want to VIDEO SWAP with YOU

    Hello you! Thank you for reading this weird post. A little bit about me. I have nearing 6000 Subscribers and I am looking to arrange videos swaps. The idea is you private message me and we pick a topic to make a video about. We swap videos and your video is uploaded to my channel and seen by...
  8. Jamiethecomic

    What things do you think of when collabing with others?

    Hey guys. Collaborations are a great way to helping others and gaining potential views and subscribers gaining views, or visa versa. However they can be quite damaging. I get asked almost every month for people to be in my videos, I don't know why, I'm not that popular. And it's never to go...
  9. itsnicksnider


    Looking for any would you rather them here please :)
  10. Stike96

    Can't think of any collab ideas

    Hi all, so I've been wanting to get into collaborations more but have no idea what I should do. I am starting a podcast with another tech YouTube but I want to do other things here and there too but I just don't know what to suggest. I would really appreciate it if you give me a little insight...