channel art

  1. M

    Request I need a new channel look.

    I really need to change up the style of my channel page designs. So what I'm hear to ask is this: Can somebody please make me some channel art and a logo that would go well with the style of my videos? I don't really carewhat it is as long as it has my name in the channel art and as long as it...
  2. MitchProVideos

    How can I "Get my name out there"?

    All I want is for people to view my channel, because I feel that I have some fairly good content. I just don't know what a good way to promote my channel is. I have advertised it on social media accounts and told friends about my channel, but it seems to have reach a stand still and seems to be...
  3. DBG

    How To Make Awesome Free Channel Art

    Alright guys, this is pretty simple but can be time consuming depending on how nice you want it to look, my current channel art I made in about 40 min. and I think it looks awesome! All you have to do is go to and enter the base image you want to use. If you want channel...
  4. UnKnown

    Request Free intro for me :(

    Could somebody make an free intro for my channel? Instead i am gonna make full channel art! My Skype name is UnKnown!
  5. The Oblivious Crew

    Opinions on new channel art?

    Please let me know what you guys think of my new channel art! It looks better on my channel because of the way it's cropped, but here it is anyways :D
  6. V

    Request New profile picture and channel art (no payment)

    I would like to know if anyone would be willing to re design my channel art for free? The requirements would be a cartoon (a mole if possible) and my friend's minecraft skin or just cartoons of us in real life. I would give a shout out to you in the video and also include a payment if my...
  7. Oliver Eaton

    Request I need someone to design an updated channel art for my channel. [No Payment]

    Hello YT, Oliver here. Im new to this site as I was recommended by another YouTuber to use this site to ask. What I want is a new banner for my channel art that features my YouTube accounts name (Oliver Eaton) and has a nice friendly looking design.
  8. Birkir Orri

    Services FREE CHANNEL ART WORK!! (Banner, Thumbnails, Outros)

    Hi guys i'm willing to make some free channel art for your channel to make it look better! I'm learning graphic designing so my work is pretty professional. If u want any work u MUST contact me on skype- birkir.orrri or twitter- @birkiorri Examples:
  9. DZaw

    Request Help with channel art would be appreciated (Free)

    Hey guys I'm new to YouTube and editing and currently don't posses the ability to create quality banners, logos, and other cool things for a successful channel. I know I don't have a large sub base but if someone could hook me up with some cool things for my channel or help teach me how to edit...
  10. Sydney Biganski

    Request YT Channel art need

    Hey, I have YouTube channel art that I'd like someone to edit on for me. I am willing to pay starting at $5... depending on how much you'd like to edit on my channel art. The more edits, the more cash. My email is
  11. Comaxi

    Services I will make channel art!

    I will make free decent quality channel art [Edited by Staff] Here are a couple i have made for myself and my brother [Edited by Staff] 1.What you do on your channel eg: gaming, comedy 2.The specifics eg :pokemon, gta, cod 3. If you want social media names on it. 4.If there are any specific...
  12. PenguinCalamity

    Request Need someone who's super good at channel art, redesigning channel!

    Trying to find someone who is amazing at channel art, intro to help me redesign my channel. If you can send pictures of your work also I don't mind paying you. :)
  13. WarriorDan

    Request Looking for short, professional-looking intro

    Hello, I run a gaming channel, specializing in Let's Plays, gameplay montages, and game reviews. I need someone to help make me a sleek, professional-looking video intro that can match the feel of my channel. Something dynamic that can capture people's attention and wow them a bit. I don't...
  14. M

    Mr Tutorial Guy: Guys need your feedback!

    Hey everybody, i appreciate you people taking your time and giving a look at my channel. I am new to this community but am liking these forums so far. I am a YouTuber and making videos for over 2 years almost 3 years now. I love technology and you guessed it i make Technology related videos i do...
  15. Dazza


    Hey dudes. How's it going? Let me just say this now. I'm not a GFX artist who can do all sorts of fancy stuff in photoshop. I can only do so much. Anyway I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a youtube banner for you i will do it. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this...
  16. Apoxa

    Services Cheap Thumbnails, Avatars, etc.

    Introduction: Hello everyone my name is Apoxa and I am an aspiring graphic design artist. For all my work I can provide it all to you for a cheap price and get it out to you in a couple of days max! I can make you a custom thumbnail, avatar, outro slide, or some channel art. My preferred mode...
  17. TheGamersFormula

    Request Could someone make me channel art and a new profile picture?

    Im looking for someone to make me a free channel art and/or a profile picture for that channel too. The the channel name is below i would like something to do with the name. KFCHangover. This is not for the channel that i have linked below. But i have 900+ subs on the account linked below and...
  18. ChannelArt

    Services Want a cool CHANNEL ART? Click here!

    Hello! Im a professional channel art maker. I will make you a profile picture and a channel art for your channel for a shootout ,so if you want the deal tell me so I can make you the pictures and in return you promote my channel on 1 of your videos. I can`t accept people that have less then...
  19. Red Queen Effect

    Feedback on channel banner?

    Hi everyone! So I've been second guessing my current channel banner and would really like some feedback on it. Is it too busy? Is it confusing? Is it just plain ugly? :P Any and all feedback positive or negative is very welcome! Thank you =) xxx
  20. SomeGamer79

    Services SomeGamer79 Graphics Shop | Cheap | Affordable

    Welcome to my Youtube Graphics shop! Here you will find cheap, affordable high quality graphics for your Youtube channel! I currently only offer Thumbnails, Banners, Avatar's and Outro's for Youtube but will expand soon. Prices (Paypal only!) Thumbnail - £1.50 Outro Slate - £3 Channel Art...
  21. Bethanyjbee

    Services Offering Channel Art!

    I'm offering some simple channel art for a donation of YTtalk cash! Here are some examples of the stuff I'm able to do: I will need specific details on what you want, and it would be easier to communicate through private message, email or skype to make sure no messages get lost! If...
  22. OfficialJCEtv

    Request Looking for GFX, Will pay if necessary!

    So yeah, title pretty much says it all! I'm looking for a simple but professional look but not to simple that its boring, if that makes sense xD ? Could really use someone's help. Add me on Skype to talk more: live : officialjcetv NO SPACES IN NAME JUST F**KED UP WHEN POSTING
  23. OfficialJCEtv

    Anything I Can Improve On My Channel/Videos?

    Yo guys! So I recently posted in the 'Introduce Yourself' Forum showcasing my channel, responses were pretty positive but there is still something at the back of mind telling me that my channel content could be a lot better e.g Channel Art, Video's and Presentation. I'm reaching out to the...
  24. ThePropHat(Tyler)

    Services [Open] Free Simple Youtube Banners and Avatars

    Please Read!!! For the time being (I don't know for how long exactly), I won't be able to finish any requests, due to my computer being broken. I am extremely sorry for those banners I could not complete. Please note that as soon as I can, I will do them. Once again, I am very, VERY sorry :(...