Request I need a new channel look.

Mr. Universe

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I really need to change up the style of my channel page designs. So what I'm hear to ask is this: Can somebody please make me some channel art and a logo that would go well with the style of my videos? I don't really carewhat it is as long as it has my name in the channel art and as long as it goes well with my video style. In return, I will advertise the channel of the person who made the art in my videos. I will also post a link to their channel on my social media pages, including my Google + community, which currently has about 200 members. Thanks for reading, hope tohear back from someone soon.
moved to the request section for you
Thank you, I was wondering whether or not this was the right section. :)[DOUBLEPOST=1453057693,1453057674][/DOUBLEPOST]
I will try and make something for you!
Thanks alot, I really want some new channel art.[DOUBLEPOST=1453057741][/DOUBLEPOST]
I can definately make one for you i will just put it in a thumbnail when i have made it!!!
Alright, I'll remember that. :)