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  1. C

    Where do y'all get inspirations for your channel banner?

    So I'm currently working on fixing my channel banner, I wanted to know where do y'all get your inspirations from?
  2. Courtney Candice

    Anime drawing apps

    Do you guys know any Anime apps? I’m not good at drawing and I really want to remake my channel banner and I want an anime version of me. Do you guys know any websites or any apps that are free to use to customize an anime character and is copyrighted free? I found a couple apps, but they only...
  3. Juss Mckenna

    YouTube Channel Banner Needed...

    Can someone make a banner for my channel? $5??
  4. J

    Request Looking For New Channel Banner For Free

    I need a channel banner just like the one on my channel JustSamasian. Its pretty simple so no super fancy work involved. If you could help me you can also reach me at @Varenmoe on Instagram. Thank You and have a great Day!
  5. Stike96

    Your One-Stop Guide To Great Branding!

    ***Sorry if someone already made a similar post to this one, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Edit: Oops, I just realised that there's a dedicated branding section in the forum. Don't know how missed that lol. Nevermind, I guess this is still my take on it. *** Hi all! I wanted...
  6. Jackpat02rules

    Finished/Closed Channel Banner and Logo

    Hello, I am looking for a skilled artist who can do art for Pokémon and Team Fortress 2. Included below are pictures but I need to explain what I want. What I offer: In return for the art, I am offering a few different things as I can't pay money. I will put credit in all videos descriptions...
  7. T

    Request Request Requesting for a new Channel banner and Avatar.

    Hello i'm here because I am looking for someone here who could make me a channel banner and Avatar for my channel. Now if you check out my channel most of my videos are based on like yugioh and some other games and I was hoping to get a banner based on what I am play unless you have a better...
  8. OhHenryYT

    Request New Channel Banner- OhHenry (PLEASE READ)

    Hey guys, I recently started a new channel. I've made a couple average-at-best banners, but I would really like a more professional looking one. Hopefully someone can do one for free :) I'm mainly a Minecraft channel, so try to incorporate that if you can, and anyway thanks! Comment any...
  9. M

    Request I need some channel art

    Hello, I am Mydogisfluffy, I need new, professional looking channel art. I can't pay in money, but I can shout you out, and get my more popular friends on youtube to shout you out as well. I need channel art with a theme of a dog and space with the main color a neon green and secondary being...
  10. Will Gwasera

    Request Intro and channel banner: Dragon ball z

    Hi i was hoping that you could make a dragon ball xenoverse intro for me kind of like kabukisage's. it doesn't let me link a video but if you search on YouTube: Kabukisage dragon ball xenoverse 2 and any of the videos would have it. I was also hoping if you could make a channel banner and...
  11. MusicsAnts

    Request Free channel banner needed

    Hi, I have made everything else for my Gaming channel but I cant seem to make a banner the right size for viewing on computer and mobile devices, can anybody help? If you need any background or info just ask :)
  12. Cameron Arnold

    Request Need someone who can make and professional channel banner (FREE)

    I need someon who is an expert at creating channel banners or at least average my channel banner gotta had my channel name in it plus a photo of me in it(will send the photo to you if u decide to create it) that has my social medias in it Twitter: @Cameron9Arnold Instagram: cameronarnold63 Sc...
  13. Dameon

    Request In need of a digital designer.

    Hello everybody, my name is Dameon. I am getting ready to launch two new channels and I am now at the point that I need some art work for them. I obviously will pay for all art; however, I need someone that can produce professional work. Please contact me on here as I have not yet set up any...
  14. Matt360

    Request (FREE) Make me a channel banner

    Make me your best channel banner and i'll put it on my channel P.S:I don't know how to use this category Here are some small rules 1.It needs to have pikachu 2.Don't copy people (Duhhhhhhhhhh) Have fun (if you have free time that is):happy: 100% will get deleted by moderators.
  15. NRMRDyt

    Anything I Can Improve On My Profile Picture And Channel Art?

    Check out my channel by clicking on the red button that says NRMRD and tell me what you think of my Profile Picture And Channel Art. Thanks :dance:
  16. AM2PM

    What did you make your channel banner with?

    I just made a new image for my channel, and I made it with photoshop. It looks a little fuzzy to me. I made it the suggested size, and saved it as a jpeg. What do you guys use?
  17. 3

    Request Need a channel banner. Civilization v and minecrafter (free)

    Green would be my main color, showing of civilization and minecraft with some cool clover art.
  18. TyFilms

    Channel Banner Quality

    I made a nice channel banner today, and I worked hard on it with the little skill I have. I made a vector of myself, and then put the vector on a new banner. It look pretty okay to me, and it was a high resolution as well. HD. But then when I uploaded it to YouTube, the quality went waaay down...
  19. SeanFace101

    What size should the banner be on my channel?

    What size should the channel banner be for my channel? :P I'm going to give making one ago. :D Hopefully will be good, will defo be better than the one I have currently got anyways lol . :P
  20. C

    Services Looking for an app that can make my videos 1080i

    Hey huus am having a prob with making my videos hd and i want you guys to help me .give me some app that can transcourt my videos to hd ,pliz!!! When i post it on youtube it really doesn't look hd so help me out.
  21. SeanFace101

    How often do you change your Profile/Banner images?

    How often do you change your YouTube Profile image? Also your Channel Banner image? :P I had both of mine the same for so long I cant remember, years probably. :P I have recently changed the both of them, I still need a new channel banner tho as mine isn't the best. :P So do you change yours all...
  22. notjamie

    Finished/Closed *FREE* Banners, Profile Pictures, and Thumbnails!

    Hey guys, Recently I've been getting into graphic design and it looks awesome! I use Photoshop CS6 so I would like to spread the love because channel art and thumbnails are crucial to gaining subscribers. I offer three services for free: Banners Thumbnails Profile Pictures (cartoon and text)...
  23. The Cold Abyss

    Free and Easy Ways to Make Channel Art, Thumbnails, etc.

    If you were wondering how to make channel art, channel icons, or thumbnails. Well look no further in this thread I will share with you what I have used to make my channel art etc...
  24. ZeroDasFreak

    art work sugesstions

    hey guys im a newer member of yttalk and i wanted to get suggestions as to what to do to redo my channel art and profile image. what comes to mind when that you hear "ZeroDasFreak" either out loud or in your head? to me multiple things come to mind that i cant just pick one. also what is the...
  25. Munesh Ramnarine

    Services FREE Premade Channel Art/Banners to use!! :)

    This is "Workdesk", my favorite one, since i'm all about film & photography lol. You can change up just about anything as well, GIMP & Photoshop Tutorials in video and .txt files in .zip My gf Sabrina may be making more, as well as end cards & other stuff! Visit my channel to view her work...
  26. Cam Kirkham

    I can make Channel Banners!

    Hi everyone! In my spare time when my videos have been up i can possibly help you with your channel banners have a check at mine on my channel if you like what you see comment down below and ill help you do yours i use adobe photoshop cs6 which allows me to produce professional looking banners...
  27. IPPimp

    Request Logo/Channel Banner Combo

    Im deciding to start fresh with my return to youtube, I currently have 68 subscribers and I'm just looking for a simple logo/channel banner to match the username ImPaused, just a simple Pause Symbol for the profile pcture and something more for the banner. I can't offer monetary payment atm, so...
  28. Its Ryan


    Hey I just wanted to know who well my channel art is. I'm new and I'm not really sure. My youtube channel is Its Ryan. (It's the one with me as a cat for a profile)
  29. TheZombieHunter23

    Request (free) Need a channel banner for my channel?

    I need someone to make a channel banner for me for free. I will give you a shoutout under your request. The reason why I'm not making the channel banner myself is that I lack skill in using photoshop. If you were to force me to, it would look like a painting that has been poured by water.
  30. A

    Channel Banner

    Is anyone nice enough to make me a channel banner my YouTube name is called Tekkaz