Hello everybody, my name is Dameon. I am getting ready to launch two new channels and I am now at the point that I need some art work for them. I obviously will pay for all art; however, I need someone that can produce professional work. Please contact me on here as I have not yet set up any other form of contact for the channels. - Thanks you.
I saw it earlier your art is awesome and right before I replied it got taken down :/ But I just set up my twitter and skype so if you could message me on ether one of them we can talk more about it.
Twitter: Dameon @DameonYT (it wont let me put URL)
Skype: Dameon Seza
I know this post is in the interest of art but if you need an editor for videos on either channel I am willing to work for free.
Thank you Dillon, I was going to wait and see how everything went before I hired an editor but if your sure your willing to do it for free for a little bit add me on skype or Twitter.
Hi, if you haven't found anyone to help you, I am available. I have 5 years of experience as an artist, animator and graphics designer.
www. Beastdomes.com (comic work, click on commissions for other work.)
Yt: cynthiacustoms