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  1. Z

    Services I will create a Logo, Banner, Or even thumbnail for free!

    I can create simplistic logos that will catch the eye. Just need the specific size you need for the logo/banner and also letters/names and colors. I am a 16 year old HighSchool student that is doing online school, giving me time to further experience my self in graphic arts. Email...
  2. Deymon

    Channel Art / Style Review - Video Editing Channel

    Hey, I'm new here so I thought this would be a good place to start as I'm also new on YouTube. Anyway, I'd like my Channel art reviewed (Logo / Banner / Thumbnails). My channel is in an uncommon niche so I guess I can't ask other things. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-73ukVlIQ-BWacvL2iS2A...
  3. GlobalDayz

    Honest Opinion of my New Channel Logo

    I'm seeking honest opinions on a new logo design that I came up with for a new documentary channel I'm working on. Any feedback appreciated.
  4. I

    Request I need a logo and banner please

    my YouTube is its Trevor I don't have any money to give but I can give you a shout out or sub
  5. B

    Request Looking for someone to make me a free banner or logo

    Hello I'm looking for someone who can make a a banner and a logo if someone dose make me one make me a scary banner and logo if you do My discord Itz_Brandon_MC#7370 Skype Itz_Brandon_MC
  6. A


    Looking for a intro outro banner and logo, if you can help ill give you a shout out in one of my videos thanks!
  7. SolemnColt

    Services Paid GFX (Cheap Prices)

    Able to do Logos,Banners,Thumbnails,and Outros. To order reply to this post and put twitter name Logo $1.50 Banner $2 Thumbnail $1.20 Outro $1.00
  8. Jackpat02rules

    Finished/Closed Channel Banner and Logo

    Hello, I am looking for a skilled artist who can do art for Pokémon and Team Fortress 2. Included below are pictures but I need to explain what I want. What I offer: In return for the art, I am offering a few different things as I can't pay money. I will put credit in all videos descriptions...
  9. Warhammer

    Services Very High Quality Thumbnails, Banners and Logos!

    Hi all, I am a professional freelance designer and have been working for almost 4 years now. I have been creating designs for many YouTubers and other businesses/big companies. I am extending my services to the people of YTTalk and would love to design for you guys :) However, I charge money...
  10. SandManOnly

    Request Donate Your Services to Me.

    So I want a brand new logo and banner for my youtube possibly green and black to be the main colors, I want something simple for the banner like just the name, for the logo I would like the letters SMO to be combined like randomfrank's logo. I will pay 50$ cash (the cash from this website) and a...
  11. Rickeeper

    HELP ME! Where can I get better? What I am doing wrong?!

    Hello Guys! Thank for coming by to read my thread! So I still feel a bit insure about: - Logo - Channel Art/Banner - Thumbnails What can I improve and how can i improve? Thanks for helping me!

    New Channel Design!

    So i listened to everybody's feedback on my recent post and decided to redo the entire banner for my channel. Please let me know what you think.
  13. Wallz

    Request I need help creating a logo..

    So, I wanted to make my channel branding look really good but the problem is i cant think of a logo. I see that other people already have really nice logos and I'm thinking that It's maybe the reason why they all have more subscribers than me. Also If you could help me with improving my branding...
  14. CTReactions

    Request [$10 YTCash] Logo, Banner, Intro & Outro

    Hello! I have just started up a brand new vlog channel called Brian's Vlog & Talk so I am willing to pay $10 in YTCash for each product provided if used! Please find details below for each request, although they are basically just simple and standard pointers.
  15. Ascriva

    Feedback on my logo and banner

    I just finished creating my channels logo and profile banner. Would love to know your thoughts on the new design!!!!
  16. Eastern Bar Athletics

    How is our Branding?

    Im curious as to what you all think of our branding. As a graphic design major I feel as though I have created a unique enough logo but of course I have my own bias. What do you guys think of how it functions on the channel page? Im planning on changing the banner photo in the coming weeks as I...
  17. MisguidedGaming

    Requesting a Review For My Starting Channel

    My request I would like to have my channel reviewed on its banner, logo, and intro videos i uploaded (then the others gaming videos once i upload them) The Details of the videos links i want reviewed are below, also the specific aspects of my channel is my branding i made which is the same as...
  18. Homstad

    Services Need custom banners or logos | I'll make them for you!

    Hi! If you're a youtuber you know that you will need such things as logos and banners to stand out, if you can't make them look good just ask me. I will make banners and logos and such entirely for free, fill out the list down below so I know what to make. But make sure to give me credit in a...
  19. Lee Capel

    Services Free Banners/Logo's

    Hey guys, kinda new here... I'm wanting to build a bit of a Portfolio of work so will be doing some free work. If you're interested, I'll need: Your favorite/brand colors and patterns If you have your own logo PM me it
  20. ReaperDZN

    Services Low-Cost High Quality Graphics for YouTube + Twitch Branding (Banners, Overlays, PP's etc.) #REAP

    Hey Everyone! I am REAPER, otherwise known as Josh. I have been self teaching and studying graphic design for over 5 years and one day would like to become a professional designer, after every piece of work i create it only gets better! I have started the REAPER DZN business for purely helping...
  21. Divergence

    Request [Paid] Avatar/Banner needed

    Hi all my names Divergence. Now I got a banner and avatar of my own deigned by myself, as I dabble with Photoshop now and again. But I'm no graphic designer, so I feel my logo is a bit simple at the moment. I want a similar design but something that screams diverse a little more as that's what...
  22. ParanoiaOrigins

    Request [Free] LF a good Banner, logo, etc. for my YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone my names Paranoia Origins been youtubing for 1 1/2 months now think its 2 i don't know. But anyway straight to the point is that I have been struggling hard with my channel. I've recorded and made over 130 videos between starting of march 1, 2016 to April 22, 2016. So if anyone...
  23. M

    Request I need a new channel look.

    I really need to change up the style of my channel page designs. So what I'm hear to ask is this: Can somebody please make me some channel art and a logo that would go well with the style of my videos? I don't really carewhat it is as long as it has my name in the channel art and as long as it...
  24. S

    Request Need a New Logo, and Banner for free ASAP

    I would like a free logo with my name in it that looks half decent not too much time spent on it and a banner with my name on it and my logo as well as a subscribe indication an same thing as the logo i don't need to to be way out there but half decent a little flashy would be nice, Thank you!