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Hey everybody, i appreciate you people taking your time and giving a look at my channel. I am new to this community but am liking these forums so far. I am a YouTuber and making videos for over 2 years almost 3 years now. I love technology and you guessed it i make Technology related videos i do however jump to different things like gaming, reviews etc. So i will appreciate if you can visit to my channel and give me some feedback, Thanks.
-Mr Tutorial Guy
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I mean there isnt much wrong here at all. Any complaints or suggestions I could list would be so minor most probably would not notice much of a change with or without them.

Youve got:
-Great branding, know exactly what to expect from each video
-Jump right into tutorial
-smooth talking, you prepared ahead and its nice
-Logos, channel art, thumbnails

*Small change*
banner art and logos do look a bit incomplete. Im guessing its because they are too basic for my tastes? By no means is it bad. Its just really the only suggestion I can make

Your only missing exposure. You just need to get it out there, possibly a cross promotion could help?
First of all Thank you very much, i really appreciate your feedback! And just yesterday i changed my channel art & banner but i don't know if you're talking about my new one or old one. Also cross-promotion yeah it'll definitely help. I am looking for Youtubers to do collaboration with. Again thank you for the feedback, these feedbacks do motivate me to make even better quality content and i was very happy to read what you had to say. :)
I think your tutorials are great! The video content is really good.

Perhaps, since your channel is very specific (tutorials), you could do with a channel trailer, introducing yourself and telling your viewers what they can expect from your channel? Otherwise, I'd say your channel looks really good.