channel art

  1. A

    I need criticism please!

    How are my logo and channel art? Just want to see what people think. I made it with Gimp 2.0.
  2. Munesh Ramnarine

    Services FREE Premade Channel Art/Banners to use!! :)

    This is "Workdesk", my favorite one, since i'm all about film & photography lol. You can change up just about anything as well, GIMP & Photoshop Tutorials in video and .txt files in .zip My gf Sabrina may be making more, as well as end cards & other stuff! Visit my channel to view her work...
  3. KennaDesigns

    help! banner quality keeps dropping when uploaded!! :(

    So, I uploaded my YouTube banner for my channel redesign, and it keeps dropping in quality for some reason after I upload it. Here's the website, looking real bad quality. :( Here's the real image, looking real better quality :) Notes: I have saved it as a .jpeg, and a .png, and neither...
  4. Adeelcool

    Does how my channel art look matter

    My channel art is basically telling everyone how often I upload, and a bunch of shapes
  5. MAK

    FPS Channel, Need Honest Reviews Please!

    Hey anyone who is reading this, I post primarily FPS, especially Overwatch, I am experiencing some views and growth issues over the past couple of days, I was hoping you awesome people of the community could give me some feedback, tips for improvement, how do I better get my videos known and...
  6. PandaXo

    Request Looking for new channel art, prices negotiable

    Hey there! I'm planning on starting up my channel again after some time of being off youtube. I've deleted all my old videos, and would like to do a total rebranding of my channel. I'm looking for a new logo and banner for my channel, specifically. I'd like it to be a cartoon style theme, so I'm...
  7. ZentGaming

    Services Making Channel Art and Tumbanails!

    I will be making channel art and thumbnails for those who want them from me, or because you simply need :help: with making one. My work is everything on my YT channel. if you do want me to make something for you prices can be discussed later.
  8. IPPimp

    Request Logo/Channel Banner Combo

    Im deciding to start fresh with my return to youtube, I currently have 68 subscribers and I'm just looking for a simple logo/channel banner to match the username ImPaused, just a simple Pause Symbol for the profile pcture and something more for the banner. I can't offer monetary payment atm, so...
  9. S

    Services I'm Making Thumbnails, channel Art, profile pictures and other photos you need made

    Hi im SimpleIrishGamer So im offering to make thumbnails, channel art, profile pictures and any other photos you need made so just text me about it and we can make a deal
  10. Carlos Samayoa

    Is my channel art okay?

    Hi I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on my Channel art :)
  11. Shadowhite0

    Why can't I add channel art?

    I click "add channel art", I asks me to log in then I'm greeted with: "There was an error! Details: The feature you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later." Does anyone know why this happens and how I can get around it?
  12. Broky Ducky

    Services Need a FREE intro and outro or Intro?

    Hello! My name is Broky Ducky and I`m a new YouTuber. I do graphic design for a living. I will make you a professional channel art and profile pic for a promotion. You need to have OVER 3k SUBS and all you need to do is to post a video that I will send you about my channel. Let`s talk about...
  13. D

    review my new YouTube channel

    hey i started my channel a while ago and recently decided to start again, i decorated it but have not made any new videos. tell me if it looks good. also subscribe if you like what you see!
  14. Tyler Cheesbro

    Channel Artist?

    I have a YouTube channel with terrible art. I need someone who can create me a pretty decent channel banner and profile picture. Thnak you!
  15. ProbablyKactus

    Request (Free) YouTube Banner/Logo

    Hello, I was hoping someone would be able help me out with these things as what I have set up is very plain and basic.
  16. RewashedGfx

    Services Selling High Quality Youtube Channel Graphics

    Template I have always been into graphics art doing it unprofessionally for about 4 and a half years now, and I want to share my content with the world, and see where that leads into. I will produce high-end art for more-reasonable prices at the moment. I can do 2D Abstract Art Which can start...
  17. Chance C

    Services MBKV Graphics | FREE | Channel Banners | Avatars | Thumbnails | Social Media Covers

    All my work is FREE of charge, as I am improving my skills. However donations of YT Cash and/or PayPal would be great, but is NOT needed. Posters Facebook Banners Overlays And much much more! I designed my current YouTuber Banner, I also do Thumbnails etc, but havent got any to list on...
  18. NekroBaer

    Services Full Branding Kit: Youtube / Facebook / Twitter

    Hey there! You obviously need a branding kit for your social media channels! Luckily, I will offer you my service for that. The things you get for ordering: - Facebook Cover Image - Youtube One Header / Avatar Picture / Thumbnail -Twitter Background You can tell me your favourite colours and...
  19. AJ Bruh

    Request [YTtalk Cash] Need Channel Banner and Logo (shoutout and yttalk cash)

    I'm looking for a simple channel banner and a channel logo; something bright and creative as well. Add me on skype or I'll add you!
  20. C

    Request [Free] Can anyone make me a free, quality, football banner??

    My channel is bkfutbol7 and I make football(soccer) videos. Mainly tutorials and challenges and stuff. I just started and need a proper banner. I want it to be styled like miniminter(simon from the sidemen) where its just simple with official channel of...and my name. And the football players in...
  21. Brandzor

    Request (FREE/YTTALK CASH) Really In Need Of New Channel Art & Logo

    How Ya'll Doing! I wouldn't usually ask this but as you can probably tell from my existing channel art & logo, I am EXTREMELY poor at designing channel art and I'm in desperate need of a new one! I'm thinking of just restarting my channel which new branding which is why it is as poor as it is...
  22. TheDragonking564

    Unsure What I Should Do to Effectively Brand Myself...

    Hey Guys, Recently, I have been looking at my channel and have been unsure if the way I am branding my channel on the main page and in general has been effective or conveys the channel I run. I run a gaming/review channel where I play Anime and Horror Games, and review Anime. However...
  23. Tyler Cheesbro

    Request [Free] Channel Art Please?

    I want to upgrade my channel art but I'm not very good with photoshop. I'm a Gamer and I want my art to be based around video games. Thanks JT-Plays
  24. Wicked Raven

    Request (Free) Need help with channel art

    So I've just started out and have little to no skill what so ever with Art, So im wondering if any of you would be willing to help me. Both with the channel banner and the profile pic for the channel. And if you want to also with the thumbnails. Unfortunately I can't pay you for your art but I...
  25. RyanBoyer

    Real Brutal Thoughts on My Channel Page? Branding Wise? :D

    Just wanted to see if people actually liked my art work or maybe what they would change if they had any ideas! :P Thanks!
  26. R

    How do you add links on the channel banner?

    I've noticed on many youtube channels that they have links such as Facebook and Instagram embedded on their channel art for the channel itself. Could any one explain how it is done.
  27. ykrypto

    Request [Free] Looking for overlay for my outro

    Hey i'm Krypto i run a small YouTube channel and want to have a good outro I have the background picked out and music. Just need a dope overlay to display my Twitter and my Name and a Subscribe button,simple is what i'm going for noting too crazy. If your interested feel free to dm me on...
  28. SaltyPeppers

    I need my channel art confusing??

    So, I changed my channel art yesterday and I'm not sure if I like it. What do you guys think?
  29. Jackpat02rules

    Request [Free] Channel Art, Intro, Outro

    First of all I am aware that this is a lot and it is for free but I want to bring the next level of content to my channel. I will link all of these in the description. What I want in each: CHANNEL ART: I want the following included: My Minecraft skin (Skindex/Planetminecraft), Pokemon and...
  30. Yusef472

    Channel re-design!

    Hey! My channel art needed an update so I got it done! I rather like it but what do you guys think? I'm happy to do a review of your's also! -Yusef