1. Lauramillanmu

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys! So I've been in Youtube for a couple of months now and I don't notice any growth. I know it takes time, but I feel like I might be doing something wrong here. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some general feedback on my channel (makeup themed). Thank you in advance...
  2. The Unwanted Letter

    Growth for filmmakers?

    On my channel I'm going to be focusing on creative short films and not product reviews business stuff etc. Strictly creative work, so how do I grow with that. Using tubebuddy to find keywords seems to be for people making straightforward videos (cooking, tutorials etc.) so I'm just wondering...
  3. crusadershorts

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining?

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining? Hello! Recently I wrote a guide called "[Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process". Unfortunately, I cannot link it due to my member restrictions, but if you want an Extensive guide full of Tips on Scripting your videos then check...
  4. OldNotDead

    Doing what the gurus tell me to do, still very little growth!

    I have watched several (100s) of videos from so called "You Tube gurus" and still have very little (very slow) following their so called advice. Has anyone else followed their advice and had slow to little growth? Or am I being impatient?
  5. Purpleoak

    I Wish I Honestly Knew How To Grow

    I go by Purpleoak and I am kinda losing hope of ever at least been able to make it on Youtube at all. I mean even remotely. Making a little bit of extra money wouldn't be bad. It just seems like the more I actually try to do better SEO, titles, thumbnails, descriptions, all that stuff. It just...
  6. G

    Facebook Ads or Youtube Ads

    Hi, I'm new here. My name is Giovanni, nice to meet you all! So this is my story, I have paid for both ad systems. And I Think Facebook is winning right now. I have paid for YouTube ads for some video in the past and got for $30 - 3k views and like 10 subs. Now, that was just bad. "a lot of...
  7. adams eats

    Didn't think I'd be doing this yet....

    So I set myself the goal of getting 500 subscribers before the end of may. This would have kept me on track to getting 1200 or so by Christmas. Today I smashed that target almost 2 months ahead of schedule! 500 fricken subscribers! Next stop, the big 1000 ☺
  8. KingleBricks

    Other good idea for collab

    i have a great idea for a collaboration video but need another youtuber to do it, i know i only have like one sub but subs dont matter as much as traffic and uploading at the right time of day plus id be posting it on my channel (and yours if youd like) so it wouldnt be me asking for some sort...
  9. swizz

    how hard is it to blow up?

    people keep saying you should drive traffic on reddit and other sites but honestly....blowing up these days is it luck or is it still possible?
  10. swizz

    who inspired you to start a youtube channel

    which famous youtuber inspired you?
  11. Hadi

    Best time to upload and other strategies?

    Hey guys, I just joined the forum, because I thought you guys seem pretty cool. You all seem experienced in YouTube, and I'd really like it if I can have some advice when it comes to YouTube and growth. I've had a channel for less than a month, and I'm at around 86 subscribers. My videos...
  12. swizz


    yes its hard yes we all wanna make it.. be consistent..even if nobody can see the dream you visualising... keep grinding and someday it will all come together..learn from your mistakes take what people have to say about your videos learn from your mistakes and improve every video you make I...
  13. swizz

    what happens when you reach 100 Subscribers and 1000

    apparently youtube begins to rank your videos when reaching 100? is this true bros..
  14. Larya

    Sub 4 sub problem and other stuff...

    Ok so In the last couple of weeks I read non-stop about how to grow channels and about the importance of SEO. In my latest video I started thinking keywords very well and not just randomly put what comes in my mind first. (of course it always related to video, but I guess not well enough)...
  15. Livelifeinabox

    Growth Slowing.. Slowing.. Stopped!

    Since starting our channel around 7 months ago, we have watched our growth trickle up, slow down and finally stop. Last 28 days analytics Watch Time: 1663 Views: 742 Subscribers: 0 (+1 and -1 subscriber) What do you make of such analytics? We decided to see it as freeing and reminds us to...
  16. BrinoVlogs

    How do you grow a better vlogging channel?

    I rebooted my channel to becoming a vlogging channel lately, and although I had some growth over the past months. Recently, I'm in a subscriber Drought. SO I'm asking how do you grow a better channel or what are your stories to growing your channel or even to grow a channel faster? Thanks
  17. Tac0cann0n

    How did you guys get your name out there?

    I have been creating content for a few months now but I've had trouble attracting new viewers and growing the channel. I'd say that the quality of my content is decent, but I just don't have the networking to grow the channel. What ways have you guys used to help grow your channel? I'd love...
  18. Justoshow

    Thoughts on "reaction" vids?

    Lately I've been seeing a pattern on YT. It seems to blow up all you have to do is do "reaction" videos and or mean prank vids. Not knocking anyone hustle, but whats your thoughts of that? To me its like selling out, but thats just me. Not trying to start any mess to the reactors here.
  19. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  20. swizz

    How Long did it take you to reach 50,100 or 1000 SUBS?

    Hey guys i would like to know how long it took your channel to get 50 or 100 or 1000 SUBS... shareb with everyone your journey
  21. F

    Help- Sudden Slow Channel Growth?

    Hi, everyone. I have a growing channel that recently hit 400,000 subscribers and then the growth seemed to totally stagnate and I just can't seem to figure it out, and I don't know how concerned I should be. I have months of "massive" growth followed by major slows. Throwing some analytics your...
  22. Yodysseus IV

    ARK CastAway Skit

  23. SnowAspire

    Gaming PC, PS4, Xbox One Collab?

    Hello everyone, as the title leads on, I am looking to do a collaboration with one or more gamers. I play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I'd be interested in Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, or Destiny on PS4 or Xbox. Overwatch, Golf with Friends, Arma 3, League of Legends, Gary's Mod, and others on...
  24. SnowAspire

    Opinions on Exagerated Personality

    I've notice (as I'm sure you all have) that all big youtubers use an exagerated personality, whether it be minor or extreme. I see this from streamers like Ali-A, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc. What do you think about using an exagerated personality as opposed to the person you really are? I ask...
  25. adams eats

    200 subscribers in just over 5 months!

    I hit the 200 subscriber mark last night, which made my evening. Here's to 500!
  26. Baylze

    Does DEDICATION Guarantee YouTube Success?

    Can you grow a successful channel purely by being determined, dedicated and hard working? No matter the rate of growth, however niche your audience is, etc. - Is consistency the key? Many would argue that other factors have a much bigger input on teh potential success of a YouTube channel. For...
  27. Goingfullnerd

    The GoingFullNerd Project

    Everyone has their own idea of success or how to grow on YouTube. I created a playlist where I am addressing things that I have seen work and fail for me to give others a viewpoint of a Small YouTuber (700 subs). If you are interested in viewing it search for "The GoingFullNerd Project" and...
  28. tedswrong

    Changing over time!

    I have noticed that the style of my videos has casually changed over time and that my editing has gained more efficieny. I just think it's a cool thing to watch your own personal growth!! Who else agrees??
  29. Malasia

    Am I the only one who loves editing??

    I remember when I first edited my video's I used to hate it because of how time-consuming it was and how many times I had to youtube search a tutorial on how to do certain edits on the editing software I had. I would spend dayssss editing and it would take me forever to just find background...
  30. J

    Can You Grow a channel with 2 different types of Content/Series?

    Hey guys! I normally create comedy vlogs once a week, or sometimes even once every two weeks, and I feel like it's just not enough. Because my channel isn't really based around anything specific, there's no consistency. I feel like I need to commit to some sort of series so that my audience...
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