Hi guys! I like Jenna Marbles very much but she haven't been posting anything for 1 year... Does anyone know what happened to her? :unsure2:
Also I love PewDiePie, enjoy his streams and last few month I stick to informative videos of Vsauce.
hi guys :) I like to watch channels on different topics. I can share my favorites!
Clarie Marshall. This for girls. Just beauty and trips.
Rossana Pasino with her recipes.
Practical psycologie cause i'm psycologiest.

Also hope to find smth new for me ;)
My favorite YouTuber is Prajakta koli aka Mostlysane. She is an Indian YouTube personality and video blogger.
  • She has over 100 million views on her channel (Mostlysane).
  • She has 3.1 million subscribers and counting. (at the time of writing)
  • She is India's biggest female comedy creator on YouTube.
  • Prajakta launched her YouTube channel on 12th February 2015.

She is from Mumbai. She completed her graduation in Mass media. She had started her career as a radio jockey intern but found it not her piece of cake, so she started her YouTube career with digital media partner Onedigital Entertainment[1].