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  1. ParaGirlHauntedDiary

    FREE Psychic Test - Play Along.

    Test your psychic abilities with this video! Consists of 3 rounds with normal playing cards/ Round 1: Two Cards Round 2: Two Cards Round 3: Three Cards Let me know if the comments how much you scored! 1 POINT for each correct answer, Possible score 3 of 3. *This Is Just For FUN!*...
  2. H

    Is the youtube community supportive enough??

    I was reading some comments on bigger channels such as WillNE and others and saw a good percentage of the comments were always something negative and unneeded, I understand people will always hate but I will ask this... Do YOU feel the youtube community is supportive enough? by that I mean...
  3. ItsOriginalToMe

    Who Are Your Favorite Youtubers?

    So Im looking for a few new youtube channels to subscribe to so I was wondering what are your favorite youtubers? Mine are Nigahiga, JacksGap, dicasp, Shaytards, and CTFxC What are yours?