1. P

    Looking for someone in the beauty niche to collab with

    Hi there every so I am in the beauty niche and I am looking for someone to collaborate with who wants to do a more darker makeup style or gorey prosthetic makeup look please comment down below if interested ? Or email me at
  2. S

    Looking to find other makeup artists to help grow channels

    Hey! I’m looking for other makeup artists who also wanna grow their channel. It’s so hard to get your videos seen amongst the vastness of YouTube, so we can give each other advice and promote each other on end screens etc. Here’s my latest video:
  3. Pauline R

    Create a viral video

    I would like to create a viral videos in beauty and makeup. Do you guys have some ideas to share ? That could help other as well I was a miss in France and the winner was knew in advance it was a crazy things to all girls and we were really nervous about that...
  4. Des_Leah

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for my Homies

    Hey guys! Looking for some lovely people to collab with and make some friends. If you're interested, reply back here or DM me in IG @Des_Leah. Hope to see you all soon, thanks!
  5. Shai

    Beauty/Makeup Networking and Collaborations

    Hey everyone! I am wanting to collaborate and network with some YouTubers in my area. I've never done a collab before but my videos are mostly Fashion based but I am not opposed to doing a Makeup video.
  6. Katie Jade

    Other Small Youtuber Collab/ Make Youtube Friends

    Hi, I'm Katie, I have a small channel (400 subscribers) and I make fashion, makeup, lifestyle and random videos. I really want to find other small YouTubers to collab with and make youtube friends! I have loads of ideas and am open to suggestions! If you're interested in talking, feel free to...
  7. LifeWithAnnie

    Makeup videos

    I'm thinking of doing some creative makeup videos, but have a hard time choosing the styles, especially since my makeup sets are not professional at all. I've already done a "Woodland Elf" video and was thinking of some other mythical or made up creatures inspired makeup. But I also in a way...
  8. Ivory Cherry

    Beauty/Makeup I live in IL, but would love to collab with anyone that's down for it (:

    Hi! I'm a new beauty youtuber. I would love to work with someone to make a fun, new and fresh video for my audience, as well as yours. Hit me up if you're interested! I have plenty of ideas, but just need a body to work with!
  9. TJTV

    Meet Up/Gathering Australian Youtubers to Collab - Challenges and/or Skits

    Just looking to do some fun collabs with other small YouTubers. We are two sisters who enjoying doing fun challenges - mostly for a tween to teen audience, and who ever else enjoys watching. We have just under 40 followers, and willing to collab with YouTubers of any size. Preferably looking...
  10. LifeWithAnnie

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty Collab

    Hey guys! I'm Annie and I'm looking for a collaboration either physically where we would create videos for both our channels (I live in the UK so would have to be here unless you're willing to travel) or shoutouts/recommendations of each-others channels. I do have makeup videos on my channel as...
  11. nakiaxo

    Want to follow a genuine YouTuber? your looking at it!
  12. Elaine Hoang

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for Collabs or Fellow YT friends to support!

    Hi, My name is Elaine Hoang, missylaineous on Youtube, and I wanted to post here because I wanted to make YT friends and support one another. I want to be able to make Youtube not only more enjoyable for me, but for others as well and the only way to do that is to support one another with the...
  13. Makeup by Mejkat

    Festival Inspired Makeup Look | Halo Eyes

    My interpretation of festival makeup look. I hope you'll enjoy watching:
  14. Anne G

    Beauty/Makeup Meet new beauty artist and collab!

    Hello! My name is Anne, I am looking to meet people who are looking to collaborate with me on beauty makeup videos. Even if you are overseas, you can connect with me here, youtube or instagram @panachestudios Hope to chat soon :)
  15. Makeup by Mejkat

    Green Half Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

    My latest makeup tutorial for special occasion - green half cut crease with sparkle accent. I hope you'll enjoy watching.
  16. Makeup by Mejkat

    Lavender Sparkle Eye Makeup with Glowy Skin

    Hello Everyone, I love lavender, especially its scent. It brings my memories back from my last year's holidays in Croatia so referring to this topic I've decided to make my eyes and lips in such a color. Enjoy watching!
  17. glo empress

    Beauty/Makeup anyone wan to collab

    hello everyone, I am new to YouTube, I post makeup tutorials and I am looking for any YouTube collabs and YouTube friends ...if interested contact me be email or dm me on insta @ serqet.cosmetics !!!
  18. Makeup by Mejkat

    Request for review of my beggining beauty channel

    Hi Everyone, I have started my YouTube channel in February this year and so fa I have uploaded 5 videos, I would like to upload 1 video a week but I have to admit that preparing videos is very time consuming. I hope it will be better. However coming to the point, I would like to ask you to give...
  19. Makeup by Mejkat

    Sapphire Eye Makeup Look

    Hi Beauties! Check out my latest makeup routine with sapphire lower eyelid. I hope I don't violate the rules publishing my video here. I'd be very grateful for any comments.
  20. Makeup by Mejkat

    Glittery eyeliner makeup - one of my first videos

    Hello, I’m so glad I found this forum. I’ve just started with my youtube channel and I need your tips how to manage it, how to make it better. I’d be very grateful for any advice.
  21. Brittneytaylorwg

    Haul video review!

    I recently uploaded a spring 2018 haul video and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the way I edited the video, the quality of the video, and if it is worth watching in other people's opinion. Thank you!!!
  22. Brittneytaylorwg

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty and style/fashion collaboration?!

    I am looking for small YouTubers (I have 17 subs as of right now) who would be interested in making a callab video where we do not actually meet up, like the older style collabs just more so within a style themed video. If someone is interested please let me know!!!
  23. Brittneytaylorwg

    Other Collab with me?? (Not meetup)

    I was wondering if anyone would like to collab with me through a lifestyle ish type video...Where we just sort of make a similar themed video and do a small shout out. I know I am very small compared to even small channels as I have 14 subs... I know haha but if you would like to check out my...
  24. A

    I hit 2K subs my first month on YouTube!

    Hey guys! I'm really happy because I posted my first video on my channel January 5 and I've uploaded 4 videos since and they've all hit at least 1K in views. My first vid has 79k views. I'm almost 50% of the way in watch time to being able to apply for monetization as well (not that I bank on...