Create a viral video

Pauline R

New Member
I would like to create a viral videos in beauty and makeup.
Do you guys have some ideas to share ? That could help other as well
I was a miss in France and the winner was knew in advance it was a crazy things to all girls and we were really nervous about that...
You can't plan to make a viral video, make videos that you enjoy making and think someone would want to watch, and you'll go far!
Viral videos, these days, seems to be controversial. Watch Logan Paul's content and you might be able to take some notes, haha!

In terms of makeup videos, I'm not actually quite sure. I suppose just trying to make something bizarrely different from the rest of the makeup content out there. And, to be honest, your chances of going viral with a video through a social media platform such as Twitter/Facebook/Instagram is far more likely than making it viral through YouTube. But no matter how worthy the video may be of viral status, algorithms are highly unlikely to go in your favour.

Forget about going viral and just focus on making content you enjoy making. People will enjoy that and you'll develop your audience. It's all upwards from there.
The best advice is to make something you would watch and a video that was enjoyable to make. Going viral isn't an overnight thing. It takes a lot of work. But keep posting and you never know one day you might be a viral success.