Beauty/Makeup Looking for Collabs or Fellow YT friends to support!

Elaine Hoang

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My name is Elaine Hoang, missylaineous on Youtube, and I wanted to post here because I wanted to make YT friends and support one another. I want to be able to make Youtube not only more enjoyable for me, but for others as well and the only way to do that is to support one another with the one thing we have in common which is Beauty&Makeup!

I've only started this Youtube for a few days now, but I have been apart of Youtube for a few years as I keep deleting my channel due to a weak support system. I am hoping this time around, I can gather myself with people with the same desires and hopes and support eachother the way we need to!

I am open to the idea of collabing if anyone is interest and I also have some ideas to what I want to do as well.

Please feel free to contact me at my email,
Or if you're more comfortable over Youtube, misslaineous.
OR any other social media
Twitter - @ellaish
Instagram - @elaine.hoang
Hai - good luck w/ your newest channel! Just gave u a follow. I like doing DIY t-shirt cutting vids on my fashion channel too DIYwithJenni but do a lot of digital art / gaming. Not sure what kind of collabs we could do but I'm browsing the posts on here kind of curious :)
I know I'm a bit of a smaller creator than you but how would you like to support each other? My channel is LifeWithAnnie and any other contact details should be on my account :)